Compare and Contrast

I often get caught “comparing” myself to others. “She has been doing Crossfit the same amount of time as me, and she can KIP!” “She did that workout 3 minutes faster than me”, etc etc. Often times, okay every time, Nick tells me to stop comparing myself to others. The only person that I should ever compare myself to…is ME! Well, last night I was writing in my Crossfit journal and Nick found a napkin that had fallen out of my journal. It was a workout I had done in April, Helen. Remember Helen? I just spoke to you about her recently (Helen). I had forgotten that I had already done Helen at one point, and I believe this is the first benchmark workout I have ever done TWICE! So! That means I get to compare and contrast, which I tend to do pretty well :-p

In April, “Helen” was the first time EVER that I did a pull-up on the BLUE BAND! It was a huge day for me! To refresh your memory:


3 rounds-

400m run

21 KB swings

12 pullups

So the first time I did this was April 7, 2010. I used the blue band for my pullups, 25# for the kettlebell swings and finished in 16:23! Fast forward roughly two months: I use the blue band still (but way easier!), 35# for my kettlebell swings (!!), and I finish in…14:35!!! That is almost 2 minutes FASTER!!!! IN 2 MONTHS!!! Super excited about that 🙂

My measurements haven’t really changed, and my weight is the same its been for the last few months. HOWEVER, I know that my composition has changed. My measurements are still 34-26-38 (like they were in December; down from 34-28-40 in October), however, I can SEE the changes. My arms have gotten more defined, and bigger (but in a way I’m QUITE fond of :)), my abdomen has gotten more defined, and my butt has gotten bigger, hahaha, in a good way! I have also noticed a change in my back. When I started losing weight from Crossfit last fall, I just lost a lot of fat off my back and it looked like you could play the xylophone on my ribs. Now, I can’t see my ribs are much, instead, I see muscle! Yippee!! So, take THAT 2009 Jen :-p 🙂

Last nights workout:

3×3 front squats to start off with. Last time I did front squats was the same day I did Helen last (April 7, 2010). On 04/07/2010, I front squatted 65# three times on my first try, 75# (3x’s) on my second try, and 85# on my third and fourth try. LAST night: 95# on my first try (3x’s), 100# on try two and three, and 105# on my fourth try. That is a 20# gain in TWO MONTHS! Last night, I did three in a row of, what used to be, my 1 rep max!…the day AFTER doing 300 squats!!!! Who AM I?! 🙂

Rest of the workout:

30 reps of: box jump, kettle bell swings, wall balls

20 reps of: “

10 reps of: “

I used the 20″ box last night, which is what used to terrify me! I just decided I was going to do it (up my game!). I used the 35# kettle bell, and still the 8# wall ball. So that means that everything but the wall balls were prescribed weight last night. Let me tell you, I thought I MAY die last night. I pushed myself to the max, and it felt GOOD! That is where the best gains are made, right Nick? 🙂

So excited, so proud, and SOOOOO inspired to keep going with this!!! LOVE CROSSFIT!!!!

Happy Hump Day!!!


2 thoughts on “Compare and Contrast

  1. Nick says:

    Yeah, 2009 Jen ain’t got nuthin on 2010 Jen! (even though 2009 Jen was bad arse)
    self improvement is the healthiest drug
    way to go baby!!

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