Now For Dessert: Push-up Surprise!

It has officially happened…

I got my first push-up! ON MY TOES!!!

The best part about it though? I didn’t realize I was doing a push-up!!

So on Saturday morning Nick and I went to the free yoga class that Crossfit was offering, post-workout. I was really enjoying the class, feeling much more flexible than usual, and noticing my recent strengths. When I used to do yoga, pre-crossfit, I couldn’t (smoothly) transition from downward facing dog into the upward facing dog. I noticed Saturday that I was having a MUCH easier time doing this!

After yoga, Nick and I helped Alexis move some of her furniture into her new apartment. After helping him carry a loveseat/chair down to the Expedition, I started telling him how excited I was that I could do the “swoop” into upward facing dog. Right there, in the middle of Bow Street, I got down on my hands and toes and showed him. Then I reset, and did another. Then came the question…

“Wait Jen….are you doing push-ups?”

“No…wait…oh my god…I am!! Do these count!?!”

“YES! They count!! Do another one!”

So there in the middle of the street, I did a few more. On my toes! Then later, in the middle of Atlantic Ave I did my first set of three! Then later, at home, I did another three….it continued like this all night. It was like discovering I had a secret power all of a sudden…who WOULDN’T want play around with that all day!?

So, it’s official 🙂 I can NOW do “real” push-ups. I may regret letting anyone (including myself) know, because now I’ll have to do them ALL like that in the workouts…but for now, I’m on cloud 9  🙂

Other wonderful events from the weekend: handstands in the grass at Dane Street (I got a 1-mississippi, 2-mississippi, 3 count on one of mine!! Nick got a 4-mississippi!!), cartwheels and not caring WHO saw, jumping in the ocean with our clothes on, sitting “in the rain” sheltered by our massive tree that covers our deck (and not getting wet!), ladies’ night on Friday night, Nick’s new haircut, visiting Latitude with Nick on Sunday and PR’ing on my 3×3 back squats (125#: first time I ever backsquatted anything over 110), pressing 3×3’s of 50# (my 1 rep max used to be 50), and trivia with an awesome group of people Sunday night!

What a great weekend!!!! Happy Monday guys! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Now For Dessert: Push-up Surprise!

  1. steelbladeninja says:

    Awesome job Jen! Yup…now it’s full plank pushups from here on…no mercy. 😉 The beach DEFINITELY woulda been a great idea Saturday afterwards…I mean, I was already pretty soaked.

    [Could you two keep the noise down please? I’m trynna READ here! :P]

  2. Vlad says:


    Congrats! This is awesome! Now a first “no-green-or-red-band” pull-up is in the works. You were very close the last time I saw it.

    On a side note, it is an absolute delight to read your blog. I found out about it a few days ago from Coach Danny… Keep it coming!

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