That Badger BIT Me!

How CUTE are Badgers?


Here’s a question for you, however…if you knew that Badgers were donned the “most fearless animal on the planet” by the Guinness Book of World Records, would you still think it was so cute?

There are urban legends based around Honey Badgers that they are man-eating vicious animals. They will stop at nothing to protect their babies, AND, have been seen hunting (in cooperation) with coyotes on many accounts!

Why am I telling you this?!

Last night’s workout was: Badger. This was my second time doing Badger, and this time around, I had a little bit of a better idea of what to expect. However, it has been two months since the last time I did it, which is JUST enough time to REALLY forget how much pain you were in.

The workout:

3 rounds-

30 squat cleans (prescribed for women is with 65#, but I used 55# which is ten pounds more than when I did it in April.)

30 pull-ups (I used the green band in April, last night I kipped with the blue band)

800m run (1/2 mile)

To be perfectly honest, it doesn’t LOOK like it would be a killer. After the first round, though, I was ready to pull the chute. The cleans were KILLING me, major gruntage coming from me (or at least WAY more than I typically do). The pull-ups were tough, and the run was brutal! During the run on the second round, I was so freakin’ dehydrated, I decided to take a drink of water after my first 400m. Once I started the second half of that 800m, I felt it: the first near-puking moment.

Finally, I’m on my last 400m of the WHOLE thing, I get to the end, check my time and turn RIGHT back around. I could feel it coming, and I was TERRIFIED. Here comes Evan, going to slap me five, and (sorry Evan!) all I could do was wave him away and yell “BOOT BOOT BOOT!” I took a few moments sitting down between some cars, and pulled myself together. Close call :-p

So how did I do?? 42:32! What was my time the LAST time I did it? 42:22. I did it 10 seconds slower this time. Do you think I’m sad about that? HECK NO!!! I did it MUCH harder this time (more weight, less help on the pull-ups), and I didn’t give up, even though I wanted to sooooooooooooooo bad!!! And really…10 seconds! Pssh 🙂




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