Annie’s Got Some Guns ;)

I’ll admit that I walked into Crossfit last night feeling pretty good about the workout. Karnie. Karnie is a combination of “Annie” and “Karen”.



Double Unders





150 wallballs for time





Double Unders


Walls Balls

Now, I feel like my strengths are probably in jump roping and definitely sit-ups, so I felt pretty confident about the “Annie” part. Wall balls, however, are not my favorite thing…and there were 150 of them on my list of things to do.  HOWEVER, I made a couple breakthroughs last night! Once I started in on the wall-balls with the 8# medicine ball, Paul could tell they were too easy, and made me go up to the 10# ball. SO, that means, by the end of the workout, I had done 150 wall balls with an additional 2 extra # than I am used to. Also! When I was doing my first 50 double unders, Paul (coach) came over and was telling me that he could TELL that I was sooooo close to just breaking through and stringing like 20 double unders together. At the moment I was struggling to get 3 together, so I laughed and gasped with whatever air I had left, “Yeah right!” Sure enough, not even 5 minutes later, I strung 12 together for my first time ever. Strung another 10 together a couple of times in the rest of the workout. Amazing!!!!!!

Just incase you’re not sure what a double-under is, here ya go:

So I finished the whole workout in 22:25!! 150 double unders, 150 sit ups, and 150 wall balls (with an additional 2 pounds!), 22 minutes, 25 seconds!!


I HAVE to comment on Nick’s rockstar abilities last night!!! He did the first 50 double-unders with 49 (!!!!!) of them strung together. He finished the whole workout in 15 minutes!! What a STUD! 😀

I was talking to Melissa last night…I just dont’ know why I EVER doubt myself about going to Crossfit. I ALWAYS feel so amazing once I’m done. Yeah, its tough to get there a lot of days, and its tough during the workout…but I leave there feeling like I really did something…I’m tired, exhausted, sore and completely relaxed. I’m always in a great mood, even if its mellow…Just show up. You will NEVER regret it.


10 thoughts on “Annie’s Got Some Guns ;)

  1. Kathryn L says:

    “Just show up. You will NEVER regret it.”

    My sentiments exactly….On days I decide I am “too busy” to go, I almost always regret it. Crossfit fulfills so many of our human needs and I am so grateful to be a part of it!

    Tell Nick – WAY TO KILL IT!!! for me 🙂

    • nadeaujl5 says:

      He DID kill it!! And I WILL tell him for you 🙂
      I usually regret it too on the days I just get lazy…then I’m just all antsy all night :-p

      How did you do? I’m SURE you killed it too!!

  2. steelbladeninja says:

    WOW Jen, you only missed my time by 3 seconds! 😀 Pretty awesome!

    How the HECK did NICK hit 15 mins!!!???!!! Just when I thought I was working hard enough…punk…

  3. Judi says:

    Hey Jen I think I would definitely have to practice those double unders because I’m not always the most coordinated person on the planet haha! Good news on the job hunt front I have an interview in Boston the week of the 21st so I’m pretty excited!! Anywho keep up the great work and talk with you later….as always you ROCK!! 🙂

    • nadeaujl5 says:

      Jump ropes, 10 bucks!! Go to it Judi!! 😀
      AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Boston!!!! If you want, you should come to a class with me on the North Shore when you’re visiting!! I WOULD LOVE THAT!!

  4. Judi says:

    That would be fun!!….of course I’m out of shape so I could prove to be very entertaining haha! I am not sure yet if they are flying me in the day of the interview or the day before so I will let you know 🙂 I’m pretty excited about it!!

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