Oh my GOD, I can’t believe you’re eating/drinking that!! What IS that?! 

I’m standing at the train station, waiting for my train, minding my own business, consuming the last of my smoothie from the morning. Rich with nutrients, a vibrant green in color…somehow someone was disgusted by me drinking it. Without any sort of holding back at all, a man walks by, turns his head toward me and makes the most disgusted face I have ever seen in my life. 


Spinach, peaches, blueberries, fish oil, avocado and a little added protein…I dont’ see the issue here… 

Now just for one moment, let’s play a game… 

Let’s pretend we live in a world where this is not weird to drink, and MCDONALDS is…just imagine if every time we saw someone digging into their Mickey D’s bag for that second cheeseburger (I say this because one day I was stuck, on the inside, in a seat with someone that had a never-ending supply of cheeseburgers in a little tiny bag…and went as far to lick the little bit of ketchup that dripped on their bag, with their tongue, RIGHT OFF THE BAG…but this isn’t weird..you’re right…) we looked at them like they were beyond disgusting… 

Not “PC” right? We would be considered judgemental… 

We live in a funny funny world my friends…funny funny world. A world where eating fruits and veggies blended into a convienient nutrient packed smoothie  is considered “odd” and eating something that could survive 3 years in a coat pocket without changing in the slightest because it’s so gross that even BACTERIA doesn’t want to eat it is “normal”… 

I’m okay with being “disgusting” then… :-p 

Let’s go out and disgust some people today!! I’m down! 😀 




6 thoughts on “Ewwwwwwwwwwwww….

  1. Judi says:

    Jen this cracked me up haha and I definitely needed that this morning!! I’m going to be in Boston on Tues/Wednesday. I’m supposed to get my travel details today so when I do I’ll send you a private msg on Facebook. Hopefully our schedules will mesh and we can meet up 🙂 Hope you’re having a great day and I’m always down for disgusting people….but in a healthy way not in a creepy way….just thought I should clarify hahaha 😉

    • nadeaujl5 says:

      LOL!!! YEAH JUDI!!! I really hope our schedules mesh up tooooo!!! I would LOVE if you could take the train into Beverly and we could go to a crossfit class!!!! 😀 Can’t wait to hear from you!

  2. Kristen says:

    What a great post! I am soooo judgemental of the people that eat Mcdonalds on the train. I literally cannot stand the smell of it and if someone sits anywhere NEAR me with McDonalds, I have to get up and move. Someone sat down next to me once and I asked them to get up so I could move – I was SO disgusted! And I don’t really feel bad at all doing it 🙂

    • nadeaujl5 says:

      You’re my hero, because I would feel terrible doing that, but I SHOULDNT’!! people feel they have some right to make fun of people that are healthy, and to openly state how disgusting your food look…but for some reason, its not the other way around. You’re awesome 🙂

  3. Black Sheep says:

    Bua-ha-ha! Awesome. Smoothies are my best friend. Love ’em. I had an awesome one with carrot juice, peach, nectarine, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries, and a little bit of yogurt for dinner and it was amazing. I would’ve put spinach or kale in if I had any left over. I go through it fast.

    *Speaking* of eating healthy, my best friend in Maine started a new blog project on eating locally and has lots of tales to tell of figuring out what in heck to do with all those green leafy things from the CSA. 🙂


    Her regular blog, which has been around and eliciting cubicle snorts since 2006, is here:


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