To My Dad…

 So, as we all know, this Sunday is Father’s Day. I won’t be able to go up home to see my dad this weekend, so maybe I’ll Skype with him, send him a card/gift and settle for a “I love you” over the phone. Well, the very least I can do is let YOU ALL know what an AMAZING man I have for a father…because TRUST ME, he is! 🙂

My dad is never short of smiles


Before I get to the sappy stuff, I just have to tell you how COOL he is…obviously! 

My dad has been a member of the Nadeau Family Band since he was 14 years old. They have been playing gigs, and getting people to dance for about 40 years (with a 10 year hiatus in the middle there)!! I have heard him cover anyone from CCR, to Billy Idol, to ACDC over the years! I can proudly say I am probably their biggest fan 🙂 Which I can probably attribute some of my deafness to standing in the front row as a kid, right next to the speakers, jumping up and down! 

He’s hiked Mount Katahdin like 4 times!! I have yet to do it once, but dad was always super active when I was young, taking us along to a majority of the big peaks in Baxter State Park as kids. So much fun! 

He’s SKYDIVED!!! More than once!! ‘Nuff said! 

So yeah, my dad is a rockstar, AND a badass…I’d say he’s pretty cool 🙂 

Now for the sappy stuff :-p 

Dad, one of the million different things I love about you is that you are never short of smiles for anyone. There are few moments in my life where I can honestly remember you being upset/angry; the vast majority of my memories/thoughts are of you with a huge smile, not only swept across you mouth, but SHINING through your eyes. You are a bright ray of sunshine for ANYONE who crosses your path. Lucky them/us. 

You have been the most influential person I have met for positivity in my life. Long before Mr. Araza graced me with the shiny new tools to be even more positive about lifes quirky ways, you gave me my first tool kit. Taught solely through example, I learned silently through watching you. Thank you for that, dad. 

moments over coffee


Some of my favorite memories in my life involved moments with you. 

I love that when mom was working part-time on weekends you always took Justin and I out hiking, or snowmobiling, or biking; videotaping us being dorks, thank goodness for those tapes (especially when you try to show them to our significant others :-p)…always driving home the importance of family, and quality time. One of my favorite memories, which I KNOW you remember because you bring it up a lot, is one summer up at camp, when we went for a walk on the dirt road, there was absolutely no light but the light from the stars. I remember you taking the time to teach me about the constellations, and just talking about life in general. I love that memory, and I love you. 

There are a million and twelve things I could write to say the same thing: 

You’re amazing. 

You’ve been an influential, educational, loving piece in my life. For the longest time I couldn’t imagine finding a man that was as incredible as you to be MY partner, like you are mom’s…and I have 🙂 Lucky me, to have two men THAT incredible in my life 🙂 

Two of my favorite men 🙂


 Happy Father’s Day Dad! Thank you for always believing in the BEST of me, thank you for being my biggest fan (“I just LOVE your blog Jen”, “My little girl’s going to be a city girl. You better get an umbrella for days you have to walk to work in the rain”, “Jen, show them your ‘little English girl’ accent” and a million other little cute words of encouragement  throughout my life!), and thank you MOST for being you. I love you Dad….STOP!! (that’s for just you and I :))


3 thoughts on “To My Dad…

  1. Butch Nadeau says:

    Thank you Jen For the kind words ,You guy’s made it easy to be your Dad .I LOVE you more than words can be said by me .With Love your ,Dad.

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