And We’re Back…

Dearest blog,  

I am so sorry I have been neglecting you lately. I assure you it is nothing personal…  

If it makes you feel any better…  

It’s not you, it’s me.  

I have been neglecting not only you, but my diet, and the gym. I have been neglecting my body’s cries for movement and nourishment. I have been neglecting my body’s desire for lots of water (not just neglecting, but {not} purposely withholding). Due to all this neglect, I have been neglecting my health, and it’s catching up with me. Blog, I vow to you to be better about writing on you. I vow to get back on the wagon of health, positive thought, happiness, hydration, muscle development, and overall wellness.  

As always, thank you for understanding.  




Yes, it happens…we get stuck, we get bored, we get…  



I got LAZY! Who me? Yes me! I got seriously consumed in the quick sand trap that is laziness.  Last Tuesday I hung up my jump rope (and my Chucks) for a week-long vacation to LazyLand. Was it awesome? Well…  

I came home with a laziness hangover, a less hard bum, and a feeling of being steamrolled by a truck. Doesn’t that make you want to run to purchase YOUR tickets to LazyLand? I know I can’t wait for my next trip!!!…  


Okay, now that I’ve gotten all that sarcasm off my chest, haha. Seriously, it just wasn’t worth it. I was out of the gym long enough for my coach to text Nick and ask him if I was ever going to go back to the gym…I just got stuck. I had no interest what so ever to get back in the gym…it was muggy, I was sweaty just exsisting…and the last thing I wanted was to go put myself through an obstacle course of running and thrusters and box jump courses to take whatever bit of water was lingering in my body and wring out the very last bit.  

For some reason,  hydration is a real issue for me. I am a lot better than I was in past summers, but I still struggle. While most people naturally drink MORE once it gets hot..I tend to do the opposite (and let me let you in on a little secret…I sweat excessively…I dont’ understand it..its just not necessary to sweat that much as a woman…). So, the ratio of water in versus water out is a littttttle off-center. A couple of summers ago I had a reallllllly rough hydration summer. It got to the point where I was “blacking out” 10 plus times a day. I used to HATE water…  

Hate water?? How does that even happen?  

Guys, you have no idea how much I’ve changed, haha. I hated the way it “tasted”. Naturally when I told Nick this, his reaction was “it doesn’t taste like anything!” I know right!? But then he asked the important question,  

“Were you drinking a lot of sweet drinks? Like soda, juice..etc?” Yes, yes I was. Which is why water tasted like BORRRRRR-ING would if it were a drink.  

So anyway, back to what my point was…  

I have been dragging behind the wagon for over a week now…and I think its time I grab on the railing and pull myself back up! I got a really awesome email yesterday (that I want to share with you guys) that motivated me to get my bum back in gear! So, I am making a commitment to myself right now to go to the workout matter HOW hard it is to get back in it. I packed my clothes so I can go to the 6pm class, and there are NO excuses for me tonight!  

“I know this is really random, but I’ve been reading your “beautifully strong project” blog (creepy, I know) and I have really enjoyed it. I’ve been working on changing myself for a while now and while I don’t go to crossfit (I’m saving money to hopefully start in the fall), I have enjoyed reading your extremely honest and open blog. it’s really refreshing.
I had been wanting to send you a note a while ago but today I felt like I really needed to. I remember an entry you wrote about finally doing your work out in public and not caring that people were around. I hate people seeing me work out, hence going at 5:00am or 9:00pm. I usually hide in the bushes when it comes to doing my lunges, squats, push ups, etc. today, I overslept and went out at 6:30 when the eastern prom starts getting more busy with dogs, walkers, runners and bikers. as I started my run, I was horribly nervous. however, when it came time to do my lunges, etc I did them right in the open not caring that I was dripping sweat and in view of people. that small little improvement for me powered me through the hill which I had been struggling with for a month.
Anyway, sorry for blabbing on. but I wanted to let you know that I love your blog and your positivity and honesty has really helped me.
I wish you all the luck in the world and please continue blogging!  

First of all, totally NOT creepy that you read the blog (isn’t that why I’m doing it ? :)), secondly, thank you so much! While my honesty helped you, your honesty with your email gave me the motivation that helped ME get off my bum!! Thank you for that 🙂 and THIRDLY, Congratulations on kicking that hills BUM!!!!! YOU ROCK!!!!  

Have a great day everyone!!  




2 thoughts on “And We’re Back…

  1. steelbladeninja says:

    Heh, I have a feeling our friend “Kelly” has an AWESOME “welcome back” waiting for you this evening! She’s a little rough around the edges but people love her… ;o)


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