Murder on Park Street…

I think I may have killed a man last night, with my eyes.

Half way through one of the HARDEST workouts I have done in a while (whether that is due to the fact I didn’t go for over a week, or the heat, or the brute force that is “Kelly”) I’m on my third 400m run of five. I’m trailing behind Kendra and Lauren, who are slowly pulling further away from me. I dont’ care. My body is more tired than I can ever remember at this point, and I’m doing all I can to put one foot in front of the other in some sort of fashion that someone would still consider a “jog”.

Then, from the other side of the street, coffee in hand, not a bead of sweat coming off his forehead, looking merry as they come…he starts yelling at me, waving his arm…

“CATCH EM! Goooooo get em!!!”

One side long glance at him released a strong enough dose of a venomous stare for him to literally stop in his tracks and not say one more single word. Sorry mister…it was just not a good time for your imput :-p

The workout: “Kelly” 5 whole brutal rounds of 400m run, 30 (20-inch) box jumps, 30 (8# ball) wallballs

The time: 37:23

I’ll take it.

There were moments that I literally was POSITIVE my body was going to quit on me…usually mid-drunken jazz square dance of exhaustion. There were moments of teetering on the edge of a meltdown of tears, and there were plenty of moments of thinking “I am NEVER taking a week off from the gym EVER again!”

Thank you Nick for the encouraging words and pep talks every timeΒ I came through those doors from my run, and looked like I was down for the count. Thank you Alexis for the “dueling banjos” method to our box jumping (you do 1, I’ll do 1), that really helped me keep up a pace! And THANK YOU Kathryn for being in my face the WHOLE time, telling me the only “time limit” on this workout was when I was DONE (even though I didn’t like that answer at the time), and pushing me when I honestly didn’t think my body was going to be able to keep going.

THAT is why I pay the membership folks! I LOVE Northshore Crossfit! πŸ™‚ You guys rock my world πŸ™‚

Love always,



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