The Difference One Year Can Make…

A year ago today, my life changed quite a lot…for the BEST.

For the first time, of many to come, I sat in the audience of a Franson Family Chiropractic workshop. That day I shared a room with my future boyfriend/love of my life, my future friends… my future community/tribe/family. And even my future boyfriend’s MOM was there!

The workshop was “Eat Well” in the series of “Eat Well-Move Well-Think Well”. There are many things I vividly remember about that workshop. I remember vividly seeing Nick for the first time (:-p hopeless romantic, what can I say…but I DO remember!), I remember the time line that Doc Franson wrote on the white board illustrating to us that we only started eating grains and dairy 10,000 years ago…and that our genes have not changed hardly at ALL in the last 40,000 years and that we’re not designed to eat dairy and grains (and therefore OBVIOUSLY not designed to eat processed food that comes in a cardboard box); but most of all, I remember the way I felt when I left. I literally started making changes from that workshop on. It doesn’t hurt that a month later I met Nick for the first time, making my way into the Franson Family world, learning more about chiropractic, and taking home my first dvd from their learning library. I remember laying on my sunshine yellow couch, the night of my first adjustment, icing my back, soaking in every single word that Doc Franson was saying on that dvd. THEN, a month after that, I went on my first date with Nick, and from there, there was no turning back. It was in my head, it was in my blood, it was in my heart. I believed in, and lived all this information, that was so “upside down” from everything I had learned my whole life about health just two short months before.

For fun: words that were NEVER in my vocabulary before that are used in my household/in my life on a daily basis



Allostatic load




Franson 🙂




Kipping pullups

Beautifully Strong Project

Santa Barbara

Grass-fed beef

Almond milk/Coconut milk

…and the list goes on!!

My life has grown so much, in such an amazing way in the last year that I can’t even BEGIN to convey how grateful I am for all the people, knowledge and experiences that have come into my life! 🙂 When I started this blog, I wanted to be held accountable for Crossfit because I had a MAJOR history of not being able to commit to ANYTHING. I would start something, guns a’ blazin’, and in less than a month it is a far off distant memory. Well, I am not that lady anymore 🙂 I have been in Crossfit for 10 months in just a couple of weeks, I have been writing in this blog for 7 months, my diet changed, and has been consistent now for a year this coming month…SOOOOO different for me! I know that these numbers aren’t THAT remarkable to some of you maybe, but for me, that small amount of time is a HUGE leap forward for me! 😀

So thank you to everyone at Franson Family Chiropractic…ALL of you have changed my life for the BEST! Without you, I may never have figured out how to eat, hahaha, I would never have met my forever love, I would never have found Crossfit, and in return, would never have found all the amazing, INCREDIBLE people I love at Crossfit…Overall, I would not feel as AMAZING as I do today!

Thank you so much!!! I can’t wait to see what this NEXT year will bring! 😀


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