(Almost) 30 Going On 13

As my bruised legs push my peddles harder and faster in an attempt to beat the rain home, you couldn’t possibly wipe the smile off my face if you tried. Homemade cut-off jean shorts, bathing suit underneath, riding along on my Schwinn…

Sounds like a flashback to my childhood…but it’s not; it was yesterday. I was in heaven.

The short three to four mile bike ride home in the pouring rain was the highlight of my day. It was hard to choose just ONE highlight with a day filled with frisbee on the common with my love, brunch with friends, reading on the beach…but there was something about that ride home in the rain that topped them all.

This “summer” (seems like its been summer since April here on the east coast…) has felt the most like SUMMER (remember summer vacations as a kid?) than any other summer I have had SINCE I was a kid. I have traveled, went camping, rode my bike, played frisbee, gone to the beach, did cartwheels at the park, played in the ocean, sat on the roof talking late at night…and the list going on (and it isn’t even July yet!!!). However, riding my bike in the pouring rain, through lush tree-covered neighborhoods; laughing and loving every second of it, made me feel it the most. I seriously felt like I was living…I don’t even CARE how dorky/corny that sounds :-p I am learning more every day that we don’t need to be a kid to have fun…I literally watched a car drive by with a kid in the back seat; face pressed against the glass, a look of pure envy plastered on his face as they drove past us. How cool is that…almost 30 and a kid is jealous of how much fun WE’RE having! 🙂

So go out and do something that makes you feel like a kid! Throw a frisbee, do cartwheels, ride your bicycle, climb a tree, swing on a swing set, jump in a puddle…do whatEVER you really WANT to do! If someone looks at you funny, like you’re too old to be doing that…they’re probably just wishing they could do it too :-p

Life is just too short NOT to…

Have a freakin’ fanTAStic Monday 🙂


One thought on “(Almost) 30 Going On 13

  1. nicholasaraza says:

    It was awesome, as we’ve talked about before, I try to be as kid and dog like as possible at all times. Love everyone, get excited to see them and then do whatever makes you happy as long as its DOING and not watching stuff.

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