A Mish-Mosh of Thought

Good morning lovelies!!! At this time tomorrow I will be flying high above the clouds on United Airlines heading to the west coast 🙂 Heck YES! For those of you who don’t know what I’m doing, I will fill you in!

Tomorrow we’re flying into Reno, Nevada where I will have the opportunity to redeem myself in the gambling department (when I went to Vegas, I clung tighter to my money than I think I EVER have…and just happened to take home seven whole dollars from a game of WAR), meet Nick’s Aunt Edna (you have NO idea how excited I am to meet her!!), then head up to Carson City to spend some time with his parents (and hopefully get his mama to show me some baby pictures!! :-p). Then Nick’s friend Sonia is getting married in Folsom on Saturday (I LOVE weddings!!) and then back to Carson City we go on Sunday to spend the rest of our time with his friends and family (Chuck and Erin, I FINALLY get to meet you guys!!! and I can’t wait! :)). There will be hiking, dancing (I don’t take dancing lightly :-p) and a visit to Battleborn Crossfit in Reno. So, my point in telling you every little detail of what I’m planning to do on the trip, is basically just to let you know that I will be MIA for a week, haha. I will, however, come back with a full review of the trip, with pictures of COURSE!

Your brain on exercise = happy brain!

On another note: A week ago I made a pack with Nick, and I’ve decided I want to share that with all of you. I have come to the realization (in all actuality I realized it a long time ago, I’ve just recently ACCEPTED it) that I am completely intolerable without exercise. How did I function before Crossfit?!! I am fine for a day without it, but on day two I start to feel it, and by day three, it’s completely unavoidable. The part that KILLS me, is that when I’m being a big grumper, Nick is always so patient and good to say, let’s exercise…but it totttttalllly drives me up a wall at the moment. I get all grumpy and think, why is it that I can’t be a functioning human being WITHOUT exercise? Like I have no control? Well, as Nick likes to say, and I think it’s so true,

“That is like someone saying, ‘I get super hungry when I don’t eat…I just dont’ understand why I can’t function like a normal human being without having to eat!!” He likes to point out that we are MADE to move; movement IS functioning like a normal human being. The sooner I learn this (and trust me, I’m getting there) the better off I will be. Doc Franson has said that we need to use exercise as a SUPPLEMENT for a healthy lifestyle. 40,000 years ago, you had to move to eat, or you were eaten. Now, we can drive through a drive-thru and have a bag of “food” thrown through our window…not exactly the same situation. So, just like we would take a whole food supplement to fill in the cracks in our diet, we need to exercise to function as a human. If ONLY I could remember this when I’m grumpy! :-p

You know what though? Usually (there has never been one time that I haven’t) I take Nick’s advice and do something to move, and sure enough, like magic, I am a new woman. It’s like night and day. Now I’m a relatively super happy person…and a lack of exercise affects me THAT MUCH! So, back to my original point to this story (can you tell I’m leaving for vacation tomorrow, my head is not on straight!); I made a pact with Nick that I would do SOMETHING every single day to move my body. I’m not talking about Crossfit level of activity every single day, just SOMETHING. Last night I went for a leisurely bike ride, I’ve done 50 double unders one night, etc etc. Doc Franson always says, “You only need to move on the days you eat.” Well folks, I plan on eating everyday, so I SHOULD be MOVING everyday! I put this in writing, and for the last week have held strong to my promise; and guess what? I feel GREAT! Am I saying that exercise is a cure-all and that I’ll never be upset by anything again in my life? Ha..no. What I AM saying though is that by exercising everyday, eating clean, getting adjusted and attempting to think the purest thoughts, I have the best CHANCE at being upset as little as possible…and even things that upset me will not upset me to the caliber it would if I had NOT done those things.

Try it out! 🙂 When you’re feeling like the world is not looking right, go out for a jog, and assess how you feel when you get back! I guarantee there will be a dramatically positive change 🙂

Seeing the world through a much clearer lense,



2 thoughts on “A Mish-Mosh of Thought

  1. Judi says:

    Jen……Jen….JEN!!! Seriously you need to be back already haha…hope you’re having a blast and that you won tons of money 🙂 !!!!

  2. Black Sheep says:

    I just read this post after I got back from running 5k. You are SO right (not that there was any doubt, of course). I was feeling defeated and grumpy and now I feel like I could take on the whole world and then some! =) Exercise is amazing.

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