Vacation Recap (with pictures!) :)

Mountains, the desert, slot machines, Reno, Folsom, a wedding, Tahoe, Carson City, hiking, quails, blue birds, breakfast on the deck, views, sunshine, amazing people…the list goes on!!

I just got back from my trip to Nevada/California with Nick. AH-MAY-ZING!! (and yes, I know that’s not how to spell amazing…) We did about 3.5 hikes (the first day we attempted to climb C hill in Carson, but the elevation (5500 ft) pretty much stopped me dead in my tracks.) We climbed a mountain in Tahoe with some of Nick’s friends, a crazy hike near Reno that did not involve any pre-made trails (well there were, we just chose to ignore them and climb straight up the side of the mountain instead), and a second visit to C hill to climb the WHOLE thing (sprints included) which nearly killed me, haha.

Let’s see, what else? We went to Reno, NV; later to go to Folsom, CA…how Johnny Cash :-p Went to a wedding, caught the bouquet, and Nick caught the garter. Swam in Folsom Lake AND Lake Tahoe. Played Black Jack at the Nugget, and walked away breaking even. Rode in the back of a truck, on my back, looking up at the stars. Had breakfast on the deck at Nick’s parents house most of the days we were there; watched quails, bunnies and blue birds hop through their yard.

Anyway…too much to write about, soooooo…enjoy some footage 🙂


Lake Tahoe...I ❤ you Lake Tahoe!!


Playing an abandoned piano in Reno 🙂


Hiking at Emerald Falls in Tahoe!!!!

Got to have the 80's jumping for joy picture on top of the mountain!

That's us in the bottom left hand corner! 😀

Hiking just outside of Reno...this is the "make your own path" adventure

I was actually pretty terrified at this point...walking on the edge of an extremely steep mountain, on loose dirt

I was filthy...climbing hand over hand in the loose belly was covered in dirt..and so was my face! But I was having a blast!

This is the part where I was sliding down the side of the mountain and Nick seemed to think it was a great time to stop and take a picture while I so very calmly asked if someone could please help me...please?...thanks babe! :-p

Emptying my dirt filled chucks 🙂 Great hike!!


So, I had a great vacation…great week!! How was YOUR week?! Fill me in!!




7 thoughts on “Vacation Recap (with pictures!) :)

  1. Judi says:

    Great pics 🙂 Let me tell you what didn’t happen last week…or up to this point this week…I didn’t hear about that job aughhhh!!! I just want to know already haha but only if it’s good news 😉

    • nadeaujl5 says:

      Thank you!!! I do too!!! His mom let me wear it to the beach bc I didn’t have one, and then I fell in love with it..and she gave it to me…SOOOOOO sweet!

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