Ha! Nooo noooooo, not for me!!! :-p

One of my best friends in the world is in labor today!!!!! I was walking to work this morning and my phone started ringing. It was my OTHER best friend in the world, Lauren! 😀 First thing out of her mouth, “Guess what?!”

I started screaming!!! I had immediately assumed she got engaged (because honestly, everyone I know in the world right now is either getting engaged or married it seems!!!).

“Nooooo Jen! Not that!!!”

“Jerk!!! Way to early to be messing with me like that!! haha!”

“No Jen! Jen!!! Danielle is in labor!!!”

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” Followed by silence (in shock!).

So I called up Yellie (Danielle), and had the honor of speaking with her while she was in labor! She sounds great!!! To make this even SWEETER…today is her husbands birthday!!! So if the baby comes today, he’ll will have the same birthday as his daddy!!!!

I’m thinking of you sweetie! You’re going to do great!!! You’re beautiful! Can’t WAIT to meet Baby Schaub! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Some pictures: just because they’re fun!! 😀

Yellie, myself and Lauren 🙂


One of my favorites of Danielle and I! hahahaha

My 26th birthday in Boston 🙂

Danielle's pre-bachelorette party girl's weekend!

...and finally, Amanda, Yellie, Lauren and myself at Danielle's baby shower!!!! yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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