A More…Shall We Say…ARTICULATE Version?

Sometimes its fun to go back and read some of the old things you have wrote; whether you are unpacking an attic and come across an old journal, or you flip back to some of the first blog posts you have ever written…its all fun, and educational. Without this documentation of our old selves, it’s nearly impossible to really remember who we were while undergoing change.

Last night I was asked to do a video testimonial for the Bonfire health program. The principles that Bonfire is based upon are the lifestyle choices I have been making for the last year (directly due to the fact that I have learned these principles from the same group of amazing people who created Bonfire and loved ones around me who follow it as well). I panicked all day long. I panicked that I literally had NOTHING to say…I was so nervous to have to speak about my life into a camera. Funny huh, since I write about my life, and talk about these changes nearly every single day on here to YOU! I didn’t, however, have a big stories of ONE BIG THING that has changed…and I only had a few minutes to sum up how I feel Bonfire has helped me, and why it is SO amazing. Well, since I panicked while the bright lights were shining on my face, and Doc was looking at me with kind eyes waiting for a response….I didn’t say a single thing I had planned on saying. I had practiced in my head all day…then I froze. So, to redeem myself, and spread the word now, in the way I had intended; here it is.

Doc: Jen, how do you feel that Bonfire has improved your life?

Jen: Oh man…how has it NOT improved my life? Well, I am not the same person I was a year ago. I actually uttered the words “I only did 63 pull-ups” the other night at a workout! ONLY 63! HA! If ONLY my old self could hear me say that!

To just list a few things that Bonfire (and the Paleo diet, Crossfit, positive thinking, Nicholas Araza :)) has done for my life…

-I have FINALLY stopped counting calories! I have been looking for that solve-all solution to my weight my WHOLE LIFE! I’m not even kidding about this, I bought my first healthy eating/exercise book in the 4th grade. I have tried the raw food diet, I have even tried weight-watchers… While I did lose weight on these “diets”, I couldn’t stick to them; so the weight came back, and sometimes in spades. Now, I just eat till I’m full! I don’t need to count calories because all the foods I eat are GOOD for me! I know that I need to cool it a little on the nuts and fruits, and bulk up more on the veggies, and within that guide, I am a free woman!

-I went from being a carboholic, to a “stay away from grains” kind of gal! Here is a run down of what a typical day for me looked like before: bagel for breakfast, with a coffee of course; pasta or a sandwich for lunch (sometimes with a Pepsi!! eeeek!!), and whole wheat spaghetti with veggie sauce, and a big ole’ glass of milk for dinner (I lived alone! It was easier…blah blah blah!). Yeah…everything was grains and dairy…where the HECK were the veggies? Now, no grains, and the only dairy I ever have is the little splash in my coffee.

-I have lost 10% of my body fat! I went from about 3o-ish% down to 20-22%!!

-I STRUGGGGGGGLED to do a pushup on my knees before, now I can do about 3 consecutive pushups on my toes!

-I say things like “I only did 63 pullups tonight…thats not THAT much!”

-Instead of saying stuff like “I SUCK at this…” I remember to say “I’m not good at this yet…” or “I presently struggle with…”

-I am so much more committed! I start things and STICK to them! Such a difference, and a WELCOME difference in my life!

Honestly though, Doc, one of the biggest differences for me with this program, from all the other programs…is the community. I have tried other diets, like I said, I have tried other exercise regimes (never for longer than a month)…but nothing stuck. I did not have you guys. I did not have the encouragement, the support, the love that I have here. I know that there are other online programs that offer support, but this is different. The community literally seaps out of your computer into your world, going much more beyond the webpage… These people have become my friends, my little family away from home 🙂 They offer strength when I need it, encouragement always, a good swift verbal whooping sometimes when I’m feeling like I can’t do something, and a good healthy dose of social pressure to keep me in line.

If I could offer one piece of advice to anyone thinking of partaking in Bonfire Health it would be, just do it. Do EVERYTHING they tell you to do. Trust me, it WILL work…and not just a little bit…it’ll change your life :)”

Thank you to all you amazing people in my life that have supported my growth, and loved me all the more for it 🙂 When you’re going through a dramatic change, and people in your life think you have just gone mad, it’s amazing and comforting to have people who are working on and going through those changes too, WITH YOU. It makes the “mad/crazy/nuts” in all of us, seem oh so normal! I LOVE YOU!


8 thoughts on “A More…Shall We Say…ARTICULATE Version?

  1. JoeV says:

    Rock on!

    My life has transformed over the past two years with CrossFit/Franson in my life.

    Funny how I now can come home saying I had a “off” day at the gym if I had a hard time picking up 305 lbs. Or how I’m disappointed if it takes me 9 minutes to do 30 muscle-ups for time. I amazed to think how at one point in my life I was afraid to go to a movie or go out to dinner because I was afraid I couldn’t sit down that long.

  2. Kelsalynn says:

    This is an amazing post! Sometimes I go back and compare what I used to be like to now. It’s so refreshing! Even if I can’t do all of the things I wish I could do, seeing how far I’ve come puts it in a whole new light.

    I can relate to so many parts of this post- well written!

  3. Bethany says:

    Jenny, thank you so much for sharing your story, however it came out last night and for your encouraging presence in my life!! I will miss you so much when you are no longer on the north shore. Two words: COUPLES VACATION.

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