Ladies Night

Everyone needs some girl time…and I am no different from anyone else…Unfortunately, I have missed out on two of my favorite ladies this week…

Barbara and Annie.

Barbara and Annie you ask? Well, if you go to Northshore Crossfit, or you do Crossfit in general, you’re PROBABLY picking up what I’m dropping…if not, let me introduce you to them.


There is so much wrong with that picture…


Barbara is:

5 Rounds  – 20 Pull-ups – 3o Push-ups – 40 Sit-ups  – 50 Squats

3 Minutes Rest Between Rounds

She packs a mean punch, but she is sooooooooooooooooo much fun!!!! Super bummed that I missed her Monday!

Now, let me introduce you to my friend Annie:


These pictures are ridiculous…

Annie is one of my FAVORITES!!

50,40,30,20,10  – Double Unders – Sit-ups

I have literally not been able to get to Crossfit yet this week, and I won’t be able to go tonight (which is Annie!). I am a little frustrated with this since last week I was doing sooooo awesome! I went 4 times, and Nick and I did a workout on Sunday together. So, I’ll make sure I go tomorrow, maybe TRY to go Friday morning, and definitely go Saturday. Next week I’ll be back on my game!

Have a great Wednesday guys! 🙂


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