Split Jerks Make Me…Well, A Jerk…

Split jerks! Sweet, I LOVE split jerks!! Yada yada yada…

That lasted all of 10 minutes…

A split jerk:

We were to do as much weight as we could safely (and with good form) do 3 times, 3 times, 2 times, 2 times, then 1 time, 1 time, 1 time (to find our ONE REP MAX). Boom! I put up 65# three times in a row, easy. Then 75# three times in a row, easy. I ask Nick whether he thinks I can do ten more on each side twice…he thought it would be fine since 75# three times was so easy. Well, this is where I started to fall apart. 95# is locked and loaded on the rack, I get that nervous butterfly feeling I get before a heavy lift. Let us remember that this means I’m putting 95# OVER my HEAD! Yeah…so I think its normal to be a little nervous (eek!). Danny comes walking over to watch me, and BOOM, I get it up once. I go for a second time, and boom! up but then lose my balance and drop the weight. This was my first time ever “bailing” the weight, and it scared me…a lot. It was unnecessarily loud, and I think I just panicked a little that I could have seriously hurt myself. Then to add to it…I HAD CLOSED MY EYES! What the HECK did I do THAT for? So, I take the extra 10 pounds off, and decide (with Nick’s advice) that I work on my form at 85# (since I COULD get the 95# up twice, but my form was all off). Supposedly I wasn’t “splitting” enough, and I was actually PRESSING the weight at the top, according to Nick. When we were home last night talking about this I was EXTREMELY defiant on this theory. “Nick, I can’t even press 60#!! There is no WAY I was PRESSING 95#!” I supposedly, however, WAS! He thinks that if I was getting underneath it enough, I could put upward of 130# over my head (that’ll be NUTS!).

After taking the 10 pounds off, I tried to pick the weight up to “clean” it and get it back up to shoulder height, and couldn’t do it. I got really discouraged at this point…looked at Danny with this pitiful “help me” face, and apologized. At this point, I literally felt a lip quiver…I was NOT loving split jerks as much I was when I walked through the door. Now, let me preface this by saying, I don’t CRY at the gym…and I came DAMN close last night. Because I was tired or in pain? No…because I was FRUSTRATED! I have this “I should be good at stuff” attitude the first time I do it…so silly…and DEFINITELY leaves plenty of room for disappointment.

Then, after practicing a few more split jerks, and bailing a few more times (sooooo unnecessarily loud…) Nick looks at me and says, “I KNOW you can “clean” that weight up” So with all my built up frustration, I walked over to that bar and cleaned it like it was my JOB! Honestly, I remember thinking afterward that it wasn’t even SLIGHTLY heavy…biggggg difference from when I did it before and couldnt’ get it past my knees. I turned around and there was this look of pride coming from Nick’s face that I have never seen before…beaming! I was SURE though that when I had tried it before it was A LOT more weight…but he was POSITIVE it was the same…and that it was all mental. I had committed to it…

After all that, we did a workout of 21, 15, 9 front rack loaded lunges (I used 45#) and burpees. Let me tell you something, my butt is going to hurt like nothing I have ever felt later today…I just know it. Those lunges were BRUTAL! :-p

As for tonight’s workout…this may be the first official night I throw up at Crossfit, we shall see. Tonights workout is Fight Gone Bad. This is the workout I hear most often gets people’s name up on the pukey board…

Fight Gone Bad
3 Rounds
1 Minute each station, 1 Minute rest between rounds
 – Row
 – Wall Ball (20#/14#)
 – Sumo Deadlift High Pull (75#/55#)
 – Box Jump
 – Push Press (75#/55#)

Add Total Reps for score, count calories on rower.

Can’t wait to tell you about that workout tomorrow!! 😀


One thought on “Split Jerks Make Me…Well, A Jerk…

  1. Kelsalynn says:

    I felt like I was reading about myself- I do not cry when I’m sad, but boy, if I get frustrated, here come the tears! And I look at my hubby sometimes with that same look and I have no idea what I expect him to do.

    I’m so glad you kept trying and didn’t give up. Nice job!

    Good luck on Fight Gone Bad…can’t wait to read how you do!

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