Fight Gone Bad…Not So Bad??

Yes, I know FGB is brutal. Yes, I am aware that those of you reading it who have DONE FGB may be probably didn’t WORK hard enough it you think it wasn’t that bad. Well, I did. I grunted and made more noise than I usually do in a workout. I lifted more in the push press than I ever do in a workout. I did prescribed weight for ALMOST everything, except the wall balls, and I went up to 12# instead of my usual 8# (and just ONCE  upon a time I did 10#). In essence, I worked my TAIL off!

 Why then did I find it to be NOT THAT BAD? It’s alllll mental guys. FGB is not heavy weight…its medium weight (or light for some of you I’m sure), with a heavy work load. It’s not heavy on weight, its heavy on met con (metabolic conditioning). So I’m DEFINITELY not saying it’s no no no…it’s hard..its HARD work! However, if you think of it as just a minute at a time, it’s done before you know it.

Now it was my first time ever doing FGB, so in the car on the way to the gym I was telling Nick that I wasn’t so sure I wanted to do this workout anymore. I have heard of people puking from this workout…often.

To refresh your memory of what the workout was:

Fight Gone Bad

3 Rounds. 1 minute at each station. Your score is the amount of total reps you do (you count the calories on the rower)


Wall balls (prescribed is 14#, I did 12#)

Sumo Dead-Lift High Pull (Prescribed is 55#, CHECK!)

Box Jumps (20″ prescribed!)

Push Press (55# prescribed!)

1 minute rest


So, back to what I was saying…I was nervous. So, being the kind, encouraging, calming man that he is ( hehe :)) Nicholas told me, “Jen, just get a number on the board. Don’t go all out and kill yourself this time…just get a number on the board”. So! That is exactly what I did! I paced myself starting from the first of the three rounds, and stayed pretty consistent all three rounds.

My score 🙂

1st round: 70 reps

2nd round: 66 reps

3rd round: 64 reps

Total:           200

I feel pretttttty darn good about this. ESPECIALLY since this was my first time doing FGB 🙂 Next time pushing it just a little bit harder will come naturally, and at that point I will have a little more experience using the amounts of weight that I did this time (I’m still VERY new to a lot of those weights. The last time I tested my press, my one rep MAX was 55#. The last time I did Sumo Deadlift High Pulls I used 45 as opposed to 55 pounds. I have never used a 12# ball before for the wall balls, and I am still very new to using the “big girl box” for box jumps.).

Overall? Fight Gone Bad, even in humidity, wasn’t quite as scary as I thought it would be. If you conquer the mental aspect of it, KNOWING that you only have to work for 1 minute at a time on each station; but still work your bum off…it’s done before you know it, and WHAM, you just had an INCREDIBLE, ass whooping of a workout 🙂 Needless to say, I’m taking tonight off 🙂

Have a GREAT day guys 🙂 It’s WEDNESDAY!!! We’re half way through 🙂



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