@ss Berries and Handstands

Weird title huh? 🙂 Before I get into the definition of an @ss berry (although some of you are ALL too aware), I’ll start from the beginning.

Yesterday was a rough day for me. I was not my usual overly chipper self; as a matter of fact, it was quite the opposite. A simple sensitivity that was triggered all too early in the morning lasted the whole day through. Silly? Maybe…but I am who I am, and I am real, and I struggle with things…:-p So anyway, that being said, yesterday was draining for me and I was looking forward to getting in that gym at 7. To make the gym all the more alluring, my friend Amanda Cannon was meeting up with me for her first weekday workout in the ole’ NorthShore box; ANDDDDDD Kathryn and Evan are back! 🙂 I think I made it pretty obvious I had missed Kathryn when I bolted, squealed and jumped on her 🙂 I missed you Kathryn 🙂 hehe!

We started out with 3×5 deadlifts. We had to work up to our 3×5 weight (which is typically 80% of our one rep max- last time I tried for my one rep max, it was 150 with proper form, and 160 in a NOT so proper formation…), and I found mine to be 115. I think that I could have gone up to 120-125 perhaps, but I stopped at 115 last night. We had to do three straight reps at that weight, and five rounds. Since Amanda and I were switching off, changing weights, and struggling with the metal clippers, we only got in 3 rounds (metal clippers: the things that hold the weights on…if you have a proper name for this, I’m DYING to know…the guy at the platform next to us found Amanda’s battle with that clipper QUITE humorous :).

The workout:

50 situps

10 jump squats (go down into a low squat, JUMP up, back into low squat)

40 situps

20 jump squats

30 situps

30 jump squats

Quick and painful it was 🙂 Just how I like ’em 🙂 The MOST painful part? The ass berry. What the heck is an ass berry?? Well, let’s put it this way…you’re laying on the rubber flooring of a gym, pounding out situps as quickly as you can, and when you’re done 120 of them, you have…road rash on your bum. Yes…a piece of your bum is missing…THAT is an ass berry. Let me tell you something I WASN’T expecting…the wrath that a shower can bring to an ass berry. Yeah…I may or may not have actually screamed. :-p

At the end of the workout I saw Nick doing handstand pushups on the wall. Now recently my little addiction is handstands. I like to do them in parks or really whenever I can without feeling OVERLY mortified. I, yes, need to get over that. Anyway, so I went over to attempt doing handstands against the wall for the first time since discovering I can do handstands. I tried a good 20ish times…getting myself up there a little too hard so I would ricochet off the wall, getting up there and then sliding down sideways, catching my feet on the mat and plowing head first into the wall…yeah, these were a few of the many disastrous results I had before anything even close to correct took place. Nick was sitting on the mat, watching, suggesting some helpful tips, and rather enjoying the entertainment while he stretched out after the workout. Then, in steps Kathryn 🙂 I ADORE Kathryn. I think Kathryn should be a Crossfit coach because she’s FREAKIN’ awesome at it! After seeing me plow headfirst into the wall and I said, ‘I quit’…she said, “No way..that is NOT going to be the last thing you muscles remember about doing a handstand…let’s go” “What?” “Come on..up” So I pull my bum off the mat and stare down the wall. After a few pretty great attempts (Kathryn spotting me like a pro), some tweaks, and a couple good ones that ended with me collapsing due to laughing at Amanda and Nick…I got this:



Thank you Kathryn! You’re the wo-man!!! 🙂

Looking forward to an action/fun packed weekend!! Game night with friends tonight (which the last time we had game night ended in midnight snacks of paleo burgers and vegetables…and of course, ROCK BAND!!!), nutrition seminar (so freakin’ excited!!) with Whole9 at Crossfit Boston tomorrow morning, then workout at Xfit Boston, hanging with my man tomorrow night, and picking an outrageously expensive amount of blueberries at Cider Hill Farm Sunday 🙂 Hey, you got to last those suckers through the winter! 🙂

Can’t wait for the weekend! Can’t wait to hear about yours!!! 🙂


5 thoughts on “@ss Berries and Handstands

  1. amanda says:

    Wow I am sad I am missing this weekend! I have wanted to pick blueberry’s all freakin’ year. Great post..about do do an @$$berry post myself! 🙂

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