Just When You THINK You’re Healthy…

Sometimes you THINK you’re doing all the right things, and then two people walk into your world and all of a sudden it’s like “I dont’ know SHIT” all over again. Yes, I eat pretty DANG healthy…YES, I feel amazing…but according to what I learned this weekend at the Whole9 seminar, tweaking a few things could make a HUGE difference!

As a matter of fact, in preparation of what I knew I was going to hear when I went to the seminar, I decided to just cold turkey my cream and sugar in my coffee. Insane? Perhaps…tolerable? Completely. As a matter of fact, I’ve been drinking my coffee straight black for 5 days how, and I haven’t looked back once. Whats the difference? Well, I can tell you that for the last 5 days I have not had one single doubling-over-in-pain stomach cramp like I typically do every morning (which had sadly become the “norm” knowing that in order to get rid of those, I would need to quit the creamer completely). Instead, my stomach has been as calm, cool and collected as you can imagine. Goodbye cream and sugar! Another benefit? I don’t drink nearly as much coffee! I think before I was drinking coffee because I was bored…and it was a sweet treat. Now, I have a small cup in the morning, and that’s it. The result? I have lost 2-3 pounds in the last week and a half. This obviously isn’t all from the removal of creamer…but I’m positive that that wasn’t helping my cause.

Enough with that rant. 🙂 This weekend I learned where there is room for improvement in my diet. Serious room for improvement. I learned that I’m eating too much fat, and not enough vegetables. Does this mean I’m putting myself on a low-fat diet? Heck no! I eat a LOT of good-for-me fats, but I just think I was overdoing it a bit. It made PERFECT sense to me when they told us that our body needs to be in a healthy balance of acidity and alkalinity. Our body actually prefers to be a little on the alkaline side. So, in order to do this, we need to eat TONS more vegetables (and some fruit) than anything else. Why is this? Well, let’s start with which foods are acidic, and which are alkaline.


Fruits and vegetables


Everything else.

Everything else??? Milk is acidic? I don’t think so….yes…milk is acidic…Milk ITSELF is not acidic, but the way it reacts with your body has an acidic effect. So that means dairy, meat, nuts, grains…everything else.

The thing that stinks about this though is that the things that are acidic are not just a little acidic, they’re HELLA acidic (Yes, I just said hella, we’re moving on now….). The foods that make our body more alkaline (fruits and veggies) are only a litttttle alkaline. What does this mean? We need to be eating a LOTTTTTT more veggies than ANYTHING else!


A breakfast with a bowl of cereal in milk, some toast, and an orange. Well, the cereal (grains): acidic. Milk: acidic. Toast: acidic. Orange: a little alkaline. So what does this mean? We’re way far away from being in balance, where we started. We’re way down the acidic line. Repeat this with lunch, snacks and dinner…you see where I’m going with this…

How can we keep our body in balance? Let’s start with a better choice for breakfast:

A HUGE salad with some kale, tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, olive oil and topped with a handful of blueberries. A side of brussel sprouts pan-fried in coconut oil, and for meat, a chicken sausage (this just happens to be what we had for breakfast this morning :-p). So, kale: little alkaline (let’s just put “little” in front of alkaline at all times k? :)), tomatoes: alkaline, cukes: alkaline, green peppers: alkaline, olive oil: acidifying, blueberries: alkaline, meat: acidifying.

This puts us right back on center, if not a littttle leaning toward alkaline (because remember, anything acidifying is like taking a large step forward, and anything alkalinizing is like taking a little mini shuffle forward on a scale). How do I feel? Fannnnntastic!

What else did I learn? Oh man, I don’t even have enough timeeeee to write everything. Here, however, was one of my favorite comments. Now, as you all know, I don’t drink dairy anymore (converted from a dairy-holic about a year ago) and the more I learn about it, the less sense it makes to me. Why do we drink cow’s milk guys? Is it because the government and all the social media tells us we need to to have strong healthy bones? Is it because all the models and athletes in the magazine ads look so beautiful and healthy? What is the real motivation behind it? Well, heres a comment that may make you at least think about it for a second.

Dallas: “What would you guys say if I said that each night I sit down to a plate of cookies and a nice tall glass of breast milk?”


“Yeah, you think that’s odd…but why? It’s even weirder to sit down to a glass of breast milk from another species!”

Yeah..just think on that for a second…I’ll wait.


…is the same as…

At what point, exactly, did that equal this?:

yeah...and this is the "norm" how??


Now breast milk is REALLLLY good at doing what it needs to do: take an infant, and grow it to three times its size in a really short amount of time (or take a calf and grow it into a COW). However, that is when it should stop. ALSO, milk is BRILLIANT…heck, LIFE is BRILLIANT…OUR BODIES ARE BRILLIANT; when babies are born, they have no immune function of their own. Their mother BRILLIANTLY passes her white blood cells THROUGH the milk to the baby to give that baby a head start on immunity while they don’t yet have any of their own. Now, what happens when a person drinks COW’S breast milk (it’s not just “milk” guys..its just that, COWS BREASTMILK)? We’re receiving immune communication from a cow, and our body is freaking out, saying “This is NOT mine…I have no idea what to do with this!” The casein in cow’s milk is designed to break down BEAUTIFULLY in a growing calf, but it does not work that way in our human bodies…was NOT designed for us to drink guys.

To add to this…let’s talk about the acidity piece about milk. Milk reacts in an acidic manner in our bodies. While there is a lot of calcium that we’re taking in when we drink milk, we’re LOSING more of it than we’re putting in due to the acidic nature of milk in our body. So, IRONICALLY, in order to remain in a balanced state, our BRILLIANT body actually REMOVES calcium that is already in our bones to try to bring out body back to homeostasis. So, we actually have a NEGATIVE net amount of calcium in our body after drinking that glass of milk. The US has one of the highest rates of milk consumption in the world, and yet, we also have one of the highest rates of osteoporosis…hmmm.

So where should I get my calcium then smarty pants??

Vegetables!! Dark leafy greens, bright-colored veggies, they all have calcium in them. To top it off, it doesn’t make our body ACIDIC when we eat them, therefore we don’t LOSE the nutrients we are putting in! The calcium is retained in our bodies, and the calcium stays in our bones 🙂 Ta-da!!! 🙂

“But, a salad for breakfast??? That’s just weird…”

Oh yes, you’re right…its ALMOST as weird as sitting down to a bowl of little wheat shapes, floating around in cow’s breast milk, along with little rubbery marshmallows. Come on guys….who SAID eating a salad for breakfast is weird? Just try it…trust me, it doesn’t feel ANY weirder than eating a bagel with cream cheese…as a matter of fact, to me, THAT would feel weird..and extremely abusive to my poor digestive system.

Holy jeez…this has gone on long enough…I’ll have to write a second half to this post tomorrow….so…till then…STAY TUNED 🙂




6 thoughts on “Just When You THINK You’re Healthy…

  1. judi says:

    I loved your favorite saying because I’ve just never thought about it that way. I’m a dairy-holic for sure…now I might have to re-think that. I can’t wait to get to Boston so we can hang out (obviously) but also so u can be my health coach haha cause I need an overhaul!!! 🙂 🙂

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