There’s No Place Like Home

Oh mannnnnn, this week has felt like a whole year so far! I absolutely cannot wait for this weekend. Nick and I are heading to the great northern Maine woods to the LOVELY Long Lake cabin that my family owns 🙂 



How could you NOT relax there??? 🙂 

I have sooooooo many memories up there, and I’m excited as I could possibly BE to make more this weekend 🙂 

Crossfit: I did not go last night. But whyyyyyy? My legs were still smoked, and it was date night with Nicholas 🙂 So, I got home at 6pm, chopped and poured the ingredients for soup in a pot (Nick had a little head start on it for me), turned it on low, and did a 12 minute workout in my bedroom; a 12 minute workout that had my heart through the roof, and my clothes DRENCHED! Gross? Sorry…but true! 

Triple Tabata Tuesday! 

4 minutes (20 seconds on, HARD…(ps, I totally originally wrote “20 seconds HARD on”…yeah…this is my day so far)…10 seconds rest, 8 rounds = 4 minutes) one exercise right after another, no stopping for 12 minutes: 

situps (totally reopened that assberry..ouchie)- averaged 11 situps per round, so that would be 88 situps in 4 minutes; which is actually only 2 minutes and 40 seconds of work, the rest is rest. 

pushups- my lowest amount of pushups was 6 per round, with a couple rounds of 10. That is a minimum of 48 pushups in 2:40 min. 

squats- Averaged 14 per round, about 112 squats in 2:40. 

So I don’t want to hear that you can’t get a workout in because you didnt’ have time. Just do tabatas!! 🙂 

Food: As I said, last night we had my favorite soup ever! Annie’s vegetable lentil soup, with brussels (tons of brussels, they soak up the liquid, amazing!!!), squash, zucchini, onions, jalapeno chicken sausage, little bit of turkey kielbasa. So quick, so easy, and soooooooooooo tasty! 

This morning I felt ambitious 🙂 We woke up at 5am to go watch the sunrise with coffee. Although there were too many clouds to see the sunrise, I loved every second of our time together. Another benefit? We got home at 6am and had plenty of time to cook a big breakfast! I made some sweet potato homefries, and we had our first crack at attempting omelettes 🙂 Whoa MAMA, that was one stuffed omelette!!! Stuffed with chicken sausage, zucchini, broccoli and spinach! After we finished cooking it, which was executed beautifully mind you (with tandem spatula flipping however), plated it, and ran into the bedroom to get my clothes together for work, I hear Nick from the other room, 

“Baby, this may very well be the best breakfast we have ever made!” 

Boy was he right!! Soooooo tasty!!! I couldn’t imagine how anyone would EVER want to eat a bagel with cream cheese (for just about the same calories guys…but WAYYYY less nutrients) over this meal! Yes, it takes a little bit of time…but worth it! Get up 10 minutes earlier…in the long run, you’re not going to realllly notice getting those extra 10 minutes. It’s hard to get out of bed, but once you’re up, at least I am, usually over it. 

Heading to xfit tonight guys 🙂 Looks like an interesting one 🙂 I’ll fill you in tomorrow 🙂 2 more sleeps till Maine 🙂


One thought on “There’s No Place Like Home

  1. Brisbane Osteo says:

    Your blog is really fun! Love your lifestyle, and your cooking is great! I love sweet potatoe for breakfast with eggs! And you’re one lucky lady that your hubby helps you with the cooking! Mine doesn’t even boil an egg! 😉

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