This is me...on caffeine

I’m not sure I should EVER work out at 6am…on a FRIDAY…in which I only have half of a day…before I am on a mini-vacation…along with an iced coffee. I am sooooo sorry to the stranger that had to sit next to me on the train this morning as I bubbled over with way too much energy to Cas all the year-long train ride long.  I actually did apologize to him at one point, hehe.

So, since the last time we “spoke”, I have completed not 1, but 2 (!!) Crossfit workouts! I had the BEST time last night with Amanda, Alexis and Lauren at Dane Street beach, where we, with a silly start, completed a modified version of Annie. The ground was still wet from the fickle rainstorms we had all afternoon, so we did squats instead.

Annie (modified)

50,40,30,20,10 of:

Double unders


After the first 50 double unders, and about 10 of them into the 40 round, I just started doing the 3:1 singles. I looked like I had just been punished severely with lashings to the back of my thighs…yeah…doesn’t feel good folks. Plus, the “speed rope” that I was using was really just a wire with handles…a wire…imagine someone taking a wire, and with lightening speed just lashes out and whips you on the back of you legs…how do you think that would feel? Yeah, that’s what I was experiencing…it just wasn’t worth it to do the other 90 doubleunders…I had gone through 60 lashings already.

After the workout we did box jumps, and worked on “committing” to the handstand. So funny story for you guys. I have handstand commitment issues. I THINK this month at Crossfit is handstand month, and well, I’m kind of into them :-p So I’ve been doing a lot of them lately, or trying to. Well, when we practiced in the gym the other night, JP (our coach, who I think is a GREAT coach :)) came over to me when I was having a hard time getting all the way up (go ahead, make your joke…), so he said, “You have to commit to it Jen! Commit to it! Don’t worry, just fling yourself up there, and if you go to far, I’ll catch you and push you back down.” Now, I have taken a couple good falls from doing this recently, one of which I fell HARD right on my side (wind knocked out and all) so I was a little timid about “flinging” myself up there. He did, however, tell me that he would catch me, so I went for it. I went for it hard…and then BOOM! I look up at him, “Oh my bad Jen”. Um…???

So needless to say, I was having a hard time “committing” to the handstand last night on the beach. We went over to the wall and one by one inverted ourself, with the help and safety net of the other ladies. When it was my turn, it took a couple tries, but then, with the help of the girls, I, too, was inverted. Then I got squirrelly. With for what felt like a year, I hear “woahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” coming out of my mouth, and a VERY slow topple, and no Alexis to catch me. “Sorry, I thought you were going to kick me in the face” (I am literally laughing right now as I write this, hhahaha). What is with people saying they’ll be there and then NOT being there! :-p hahahahahha. We had a good laugh about this… 🙂

THEN! Sports bra swimming!!!!! Best thing ever after a hard workout…sooooo cold!  I had the best time LADIES!!!!

That's gonna leave a mark...

This morning I went to the 6am…as I stated above.  I don’t usually go to the 6am, and according to a fellow member, “no cute girls go to the 6am” and that it would “throw the vibe off” and that the forces of nature would be allll messed up. Ha! So, Kathryn and I show up to the class, we’re doing the stretching pre-workout, and all of a sudden this HUGE dragonfly stumbles in. We all stare in amazement, and comment on how that is NOT a dragonfly, but the size of a BIRD! Just as we say this a BIRD flies headlong into the glass window (and flys away, don’t worry it was okay). Val starts freaking out saying she needs to go back to bed, this is not a good sign, and sure enough, said Crossfitter that made the comment about how cute girls coming to the class throws it all off made SURE to point this out AGAIN at this very moment. haha.

The workout was:

We had 7 minutes to run 800m (1/2 mile). If it took us 4 minutes (which it took me) to run it, we had 3 minutes to rest, and so on

4 minutes to run 400m

2 minutes to run 200m

4 minutes to run 400m

Then, 800m and then you’re done.

This was brutal. As I have said before, running is my “goat”, but at 6am, feeling like you could take Shamu on in a “who weighs more” contest, with not a lot of food in you…running is my death. I did finish though! I had time to rest on each round, and I feel freakin’ fantastic now!! 😀 Now I just need to get through work till 12pm, get on that train home, and head up to Caribou to spend a relaxing weekend with Nicholas in the northern Maine woods!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!! Happy HAPPPPPY Friday loves!!!


3 thoughts on “weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee….

  1. alexis says:

    Ah Jen!! – What a jerk I am for not catching you!! Guess I wasn’t fully committed to the catch!, after such a great workout too. I”m so sorry! – You did a beautiful job on the handstand too!, I’m sorry I ruined the landing!Thanks for still bra-swimming in the ocean with your fair-weathered friend – ! 😉

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