Maine Weekends

This past weekend Nicholas and I ventured north to the great Maine woods. My family has a cabin on Long Lake (which is in the town of Madawaska) at the very tippy top of Maine. 

If it appears that Madawaska is actually in is because it's DANG close! 🙂


The goal was to have a weekend of rest and relaxation, see my family, and enjoy nature. How did we do? We passed with flying colors! 😀 

We left here at 1pm on Friday, and arrived in Caribou, Maine at 10 something. We made a pit stop in Portland, Maine’s Whole Foods for groceries for the cabin, and dining on their yummy salad bar/buffet. Once we got to Caribou, it was straight to bed so we could wake up early the next morning. 6am rise and 7am we hit the road, going through town so we could OF COURSE get coffee. Nick rode up with my dad, and I rode with my mom so we could have a little mom and daughter time 🙂 

After the oppressive heat/humidity we have been having here in the Boston area, the 65ish degree weather was actually reallllllly nice. Jeans and long sleeve shirts in the shade, tank tops and no shirts (for Nicholas :-p) in the sun. Once my parents headed back, after a very thorough run-thru of anything we may EVER need to know about the camp, we were alone. It was soooo peaceful. Saturday consisted of laying around on the beach, laying in the hammock, making delicious HEALTHY food, watching movies and heading to the Northern Maine Fairgrounds to watch my dad and uncles rock out! 😀 

yup! Thats my dad on lead vocals 🙂


After hitting up the beer garden (for my first time EVER) with Nick and my brother (I was beyond amazed!!!!! Beers there were $2 a piece!!!! WOAH!!!), we headed back home with mom. After being warned countless times by my dad to watch for moose on the drive back to the camp (I know dad, you saw 14 moose one time just heading home from the camp :)), we popped in some Dane Cook to keep us awake and alive! 🙂  We got back to the camp around 10 something, and headed down to the dock in the dark. After living in Massachusetts for far too long (:-p) you forget what the stars REALLY look like. Laying on our backs we stared up at the sky for probably 1/2 hour. The stars were so bright and clear that you could easily see the milky way. It was gorgeous 🙂 

Sunday started perfectly, continued to be perfect, and ended perfectly. After making a DELICIOUS and HEALTHY breakfast again (chicken sausage, brussels, and an assortment of other veggies all tossed together in a bowl) with a hot pot of black coffee (I have OFFICIALLY kicked that dairy habit!), we sat down by the lake in the morning sun, eating, drinking and having a great talk. 

view from our spot


After the whole pot of coffee, we grabbed the canoe, and headed out on a 4 mile canoe excursion. It was our first time canoeing together, and after a little bit of initial communication…we were golden! Great team 🙂 Once we got back, half of my family had arrived, with more to follow. I felt sooooo special. About 20-25 of some of my favorite people in the whole world came up to the camp on Sunday to see Nick and I, and spend some quality family time together 🙂 

Nick, my dad, and my cousins Taylor and Jason


My cousin Jamie and I 🙂 🙂 ❤


Me, my brother and all my cousins 😀


Gram Nadeau and Gram St.Peter 🙂


I love my Ashley 🙂


About 3/4 of the whole gang! 🙂


Me and my babe 🙂


Nicholas and my goob brother :-p can you TELL we're related?? :-p


 After everyone headed out around 7pm, again, Nick and I were alone. I cooked up some brussels while Nick started a fire in the fire pit. With wine and food in hand, we pulled the swing right up to the fire pit and settled in 🙂 After food, chatting, and  just one glass of wine, both of us fell asleep :-p 

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed Monday. Maybe it was due to the fact that I wasn’t ready to come back, or due to the fact that I hadn’t exercised a TON that weekend…either way…I was grumpy :-p Nick wanted to run a few miles, and was encouraging me to do the same (he knows me too well :-p) but I wasn’t having it. I drove him out 3 miles, and drove the car back, changed into running clothes and took off running anyway. I ended up running 2 miles unbroken, which I’m PUMPED about! I know it doesn’t seem like a lot…but I think thats’ the most I’ve ever run unbroken before! I have run 5 miles before, but I did it in intervals…broken up. So that was DEFINITELY an accomplishment for me, and I was in a better mood after (it didnt’ COMPLETELY go away, I still had to come back to work the next day, but it was a LOT better :-p). 

So I had an incredible weekend, and I’m ready to get back on the Crossfit train this week! I will be attending tonight’s workout (5 rounds of 7 muscle-ups and 21 burpees) and I can’t WAIT! 

Also!!! Last night Nick adjusted me, and took a new posture picture, and re-weighed me (to test if I carry my weight evenly from side to side. Our body leans AWAY from nerve irritation in the spine…so the first day I ever met Nicholas, he put me on those scales at the Salem Culture Festival, and I was carrying 25 lbs more on my left side than my right! This means that I had nerve irritation in my spine, on the right, so my body was leaning on the left to take pressure off of that irritation in my spine. WOWZA!!! Talk about a lot of irritation!!!). Last night when he weighed me, I was carrying 4 (!!!!!!!!) lbs more on my left side than my right!! From 25 pounds to 4!!!!! Chiropractic is freakin’ AMAZING!!!!!! How cool is that?! 🙂 You could tell too from the pictures that my shoulders were EXPONENTIALLY more even in height than they were when I started a year ago. I am soooooooo excited!!! 🙂 

Well I think that is enough blabbering on for one day 🙂 I hope you have a FANTASTIC Wednesday! 😀 




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