I had an interesting “first” last night at the gym.

The first time I quit.

While there are plenty of workouts that I have not been able to finish due to time limits, this was the first workout I pulled myself out. Why?? Why now? I could say, “Well, I’m a pansy” “I wasn’t feeling it tonight” “It was hard”. Those excuses wouldn’t typically fly for me. There are nights I don’t “feel it” and go and do it anyway…and they’re ALL hard…and well, I wouldn’t say anyone who does Crossfit is quite a…pansy. So, the reason then?

I ripped my hands open. Good enough of a reason? Not sure…but sometimes, as people have told me, you have to play smart. You either finish the other 21 pull-ups with ripped hands, make the rip worse and take the chance of not being able to train for a week, or you pull yourself out before it’s too late.

Here’s the workout:

5 rounds

7 Muscle-Ups (and for those of us who do not HAVE muscle ups quite yet, 3 pullups, 3 dips for every ONE muscle up = 21 of each)

21 Burpees (have to jump and touch something 1 foot beyond our standing reach)

So, I took the steps I thought I should take to avoid rips (isn’t it funny, by the way, how I had WAITED for months and months to rip, and now I can’t seem to STOP ripping!! I mean, I got it the first time, that it’s not something you really WANT to do…); I chalked up (put my hands in a bucket of chalk to neutralize sweat on my hands, so that it won’t pull or slip) each round, and the pull-ups HAD to be broken up (3 pull-ups, 3 dips, 3 pull-ups, 3 dips, etc)…usually that helps! Anyway, the point of this is…after round 4 was completed (with one round to go) I had a bad rip on both hands, and was in serious pain throughout the 21 burpees of that round, and I was just DONE. I just walked away.

Now this is not saying that I didnt’ get a good workout…I mean…I still did 84 pull-ups (ON THE RED BAND!!!!! I have done the red band ONCE before, and it was like 30 pull-ups…this was 84!!!!), 84 dips, and 84 burpees…nothing to scoff at.

Then why the serious bummerness afterward? I literally felt TERRIBLE about it. Well, I think it was because it was the first time in close to a YEAR (I started October 5, 2009) that I quit on a workout. Literally, the whole walk home, I felt bummed. I was beating myself up HARD about it. I felt like I had jipped myself a little.

When Nick got home last night, I was talking to him about it…being SERIOUS (:-p) and here he is smirking. I asked him why he was smirking!

“You should hear yourself…using terms like “chalking up”, “84 pull-ups on the red band”, “take one burpee at a time” and “ripped my hands”…do you think 2 years ago you EVER would have thought you’d be saying these things? Its cool!”

Then I thought about it…yeah…2 years ago I didn’t do ANYTHING physically active…and now I’m complaining that I didn’t get to do all 105 pull-ups, or 105 burpees..that I ONLY got to do 84. If I look at it that way, that I didnt’ want to go last night, and I did…that a year ago I could barely do a pull-up on the GREEN band (that dang green band :-p)…that makes it a LOT easier to cut myself some slack. :). So I quit one workout…we all have days…and I would much rather keep working out this week instead of nursing a gouged palm. 🙂

As for some recipes!!! I made a DELICIOUS tilapia dinner last night!!!! I dont’ even LIKE fish and I LOVED this!! It is SOOOOOOO easy! 🙂

1 lb-1.5 lbs tilapia

1/2 cup almond flour/meal

1 tbsp onion powder

1 tbsp garlic powder

2 juiced lemons


So, you mix together the onion powder, almond flour and garlic powder in a bowl. Juice the two lemons in a juicer. Then dip the tilapia one by one in the lemon juice to coat it, and then press it into the dry mixture on both sides. Have olive oil heating in a pan on medium heat while you’re doing this..and then plop the fish in the pan. Pan fry for 4-5 minutes on each side. Done!!!

Guys it’s so easy that I could just write that by memory 🙂 Best recipe ever!

With it I just made a vegetable medley: butternut squash, onions, red potatoes, green peppers all cooked in coconut oil. DELICIOUS! 😀 

Have a FABULOUS day!!


8 thoughts on “I QUIT!

  1. Jennifer W. Flynn says:

    I sometimes leave CF feeling bad about how I did or that I modified or even quit but think of the all the times you leave feeling fulfilled and complete and energized and full of joy. It definitely outweighs these nights.
    And then, of course, you can remind yourself that you did exactly what your body could do that night and you honored it by resting.

    • nadeaujl5 says:

      I agree Jen 🙂 Most nights I go home feeling accomplished…the nights where that doesn’t happen are tough to swallow, but they are few and far between for sure.

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