The World Is A Playground!

Thursday nights…sigh. QUICKLY becoming one of my favorite nights of the week. It’s really the perfect mix of components; it’s almost Friday, our CSA comes in, and I get to head to the beach after work to meet up with some of my favorite ladies in the world to workout together next to the Atlantic OCEAN! What could be better??  

Not us- pictures of us will be coming soon 🙂


This was our third week of meeting up together to workout on the beach, and after two weeks of squandering for ideas on what to do for a WOD, we decided to plan ahead this week; Amanda took initiative this week…and she wasn’t messing around. When I pulled up on my Schwinn next to Amanda’s car, she was more than excited for our friend Lauren to arrive so she could spill the workout.  

“Okay guys, the workout is…4 rounds of 25 pushups, 25 boxjumps, 25 overhead lunges with THIS paint can (she really had a paint can), and a 400m run”  

“Really?…” She wasn’t taking it easy on us…at all. Just to do the math FOR you, that’s 100 of each exercise, and a mile run. Yeah…  

When it was about time to start the workout, we switched the boxjumps to squats so we could keep the workout in one area. Before starting the workout, we pumped up the jam (yes…yes I just said that. I may have to apologize in advance because I worked out this morning AND once again, had iced coffee) and just started a dance party on the lawn at Dane Street Beach. We may have been getting some looks, but honestly, when “Cal-i-for-nia Girls” by Katy Perry is blasting, you just can’t NOT dance! So judge away…we’re just here to dance.  

The workout was hard. Period. But awesome. Nice work AMANDA!!!! Next week though, watch out…I’m planning the workout, and you set the bar high my love :-p 🙂 I love you guys, and I LOVE Thursdays 🙂  

Speaking of things I love…I LOVE Fridays TOO!! This was my third or fourth week of going to the 6am class to workout. I love it. I was struggling this morning though. The alarm went off at 5am, and after snuggling and talking about our weird dreams for a while, I still wanted to go back to sleep. I knew, however, that I had told Kathryn that I was definitely going, and I would have felt bad if she showed up and I didn’t (which she didn’t :-p). So 6am I pulled into the driveway of NSCF…and quickly wanted to turn back around.  

On the board was something that looked a WHOLE LOT like Fight Gone Bad…except…Fight Gone Worse…  

3 Rounds
 – 20 Wall Ball (20#/14#)
 – 20 Push Press (75#/55#)
 – 20 Box Jumps
 – 20 SDHP (75#/55#)
 – 20 Calorie Row
1 Minute rest between rounds  

Modify reps as needed depending on your Fight Gone Bad goal. Ex goal is 300 do 20 reps of each/goal is 250 do 17 of each.  

20 Minute time limit including rest.  

So, since I broke 200 doing Fight Gone Bad recently, I thought shooting for 300 was a litttttle excessive…so I modified down to 17 a round. I used the 12 # ball for wallballs, but modified the push press and Sumo Deadlift High Pulls to 45#. 55# felt like 300# at 6am…  

In the 20 minutes time limit I got through 2 full rounds, and the wall balls, push presses and box jumps of the third…which means that I finished 221 reps in 20 minutes (including the 1 minute breaks). I’ll take that! 😀  

Tonight is Danny’s last class 😦 😦 😦 😦 He’s moving on to teach in Rowley to little kids…which is AWESOME for you Danny! But you will DEFINITELY be missed 🙂 You were the first person I met at Crossfit, and you were my first coach, and still really, THE coach to me 🙂 Looking forward to tonight and its good times… 🙂 We’ll MISS YOU DANNY!!!! 😀  

Happy Friday everyone! Have a freakin’ AWESOME weekend! I will be attending Ohana Day tomorrow at Lynch Park for Franson Family Chiropractic 😀 Can’t WAIT!!! Making this sweet summery salad…if its good I’ll post the recipe  🙂  




3 thoughts on “The World Is A Playground!

  1. Jeff D says:

    I’m glad I split my CSA share with a friend in his wife. The past two weeks we’ve had SEVEN POUNDS of tomatoes.

    I made some salsa today with about two pounds of my 3.5 because I knew I wasn’t going to be able to eat them all before they started turning.

    That doesn’t count the potatoes, squash, eggplant, carrots, onions, etc.

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