I have SO much to be thankful for today that I found myself sounding a little like “Jessica’s Affirmation”. If you don’t know what that is, I would be more than happy to show you 🙂

“I like my haircuts! I like my pajamas! I like my whole HOUSE!!”…haha, you get the point 🙂

Today, I am OVERFLOWING with warm fuzzies and gratitude. Sometimes I think, “Who AM I? Is this really me?? Am I REALLY this happy ALLLL the time?!” Well my friends, I’m not happy ALL the time (that’s not super realistic), but I’ve been THIS happy for over a year now, and I don’t see that going anywhere. It’s just a huge change from the me before that sometimes I literally want to check myself to make sure this is real, haha.

Last night I did NOT want to go to Crossfit, but I knew that I had to get into that gym. Thursday workout at the park was cancelled, or pushed back later than I could actually manage, haha, so I decided to go to the gym. The workout of COURSE had to be INSANE!


5 rounds:

800m (1/2 mile) run

30 kettlebell swings (I used 35#, but the prescribed for women was 53# I think? haha…funny)

30 pullups (I DID use the red band for the first 3 rounds, then switched to ring rows because I ripped, regardless of the fact that I taped up…but it did rip a LOTTTT less!)

So, my dear friend Alexis and I decided to stick it out together! The first 800m run we chatted away (or as JP said, we were “chatty Cathy’s” :-p). The first round was easy enough…until the pull-ups. It was my first time taping up, and it was awkward getting used to my (PRACTICALLY) WRIST BRACES! There was a whole lot of tape going on there, haha. The second run I ran alone, boo. On round 2 we got aligned again and worked together till the end. TEAM AJ!!! After finishing round 4, time was up, but Alexis asked if I wanted to run the last run. Without thought I said yes. Now, there has been a lot of growth that even I have noticed in terms of running for me. That was one of them. I used to kick and scream if I saw 400m up on the board…but last night I ran 2.5 miles at Crossfit, and then proceeded to not WALK home like I was intending…but run the 1/2 mile instead. 3 miles at Crossfit last night, on top of 120 kb swings, and 120 pullups (we did not finish the kb swings or pullups for round 5 in the allotted time).  Another weird growth (not like a tumor kind of growth, haha) I’ve had was in regards to this weekend. I’ve been talking about running a 5k for a little while now, but I’m TERRIFIED for some reason. It’s obviously all mental, haha. However, this weekend Nick and a handful of my friends from Crossfit are running a 100 mile relay race in Vermont (which I am BEYOND excited about!!). Well, Nick hurt his ankle and will not be able to run unfortunately, but he was stressed about finding someone to run for him…so I did what any good girlfriend would do (:-p) I offered to run it. WHAT?!?!? Kathryn said it best, “I love it. You jump right in and say ‘I’ll do it’ for a 15 mile run, but you’re intimidated by a 5k. You’re an enigma” Yes, yes I am. Even I haven’t figured me out yet, so I would say, no point in trying to figure me out, just enjoy the ride (and often, the entertainment :-p).

So anyway, back to the workout last night. It was brutal, but we got it done, and it felt GOOD after 😀 I am sooo thankful for you Alexis 🙂 You got me through that for sure! 🙂

This morning I made a TASTY breakfast (remember the new routine I talked about yesterday?? Yes! We did it again!!!). I attempted to make a frittata without really haven’t any clue what the heck a frittata was…but it turned out GREAT!!


olive oil



wax beans (the yellow string beans)


jalapeno chicken sausage from TJ’s

So first I poured some olive oil in a cast iron skillet and got that warming up while I chopped up my onions. Browned the onions. Then I cut up the wax beans into bite sizes and threw those in. Then came the sausage, throw those in. Then the spinach. I tore up the spinach some so it was in smaller pieces. While those were cooking down I whisked up 5 eggs for Nick and I (him 3, me 2), then poured that over all the deliciousness in the pan, and made sure that everything was evenly dispersed. Then I just let it cook. After the egg started to “set”, I popped the skillet under the broiler until it was cooked through (but if you have more time you could just bake it on 375 till it’s cooked through too!). Oh my goodness…I will admit fully…I actually don’t SUCK AT COOKING! It was delicious!! 😀 Yay for cooking! Yay for Friday! Yay for Vermont! Yay for today being the one year since Nick and I went on our first DATE! Yay for amazing friends!! YAY’s ALLLL AROUND!!!

See what I mean? Bursting with love and gratitude today 😀 Love life! and LOVE YOU!


me 🙂


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