Back To School!

Recently I have been struggling with a little bit of intellectual insecurity. Ha…how’s that for honest right out of the gates?! :-p 

I have a LOT of really, REALLY smart friends; biologists, chemists, PhD’s, doctors, engineers, marketing masters, business genuis’, etc etc etc; which lately has left me thinking, “What do I have to offer here?” With much thought, this is what I’ve come to…

At this stage of my life, my role is the student. We all go through that phase, don’t we? Some go through that phase longer than others, hehe, but I think I’m okay with that. There are those who teach, and in order for those people to fulfil their role, they need someone to learn from them. Well guess what? I’m REALLLY great at learning! 🙂 I LOVE learning! I am constantly, ever single day, learning something new, and implementing what I’ve learned. Some might say personal growth is my super power :-p Maybe some day, with a fair amount of time given to myself, I will be able to be in the role of teacher, but for now, I’ll gladly take my “seminars” and wealth of knowledge given to me on a daily basis. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to be surrounded by such gifted, amazing, kind, FUN people!

I thought that I wanted my purpose in life to be teaching others; passing on what I’ve learned. Maybe it someday will…OR, maybe my purpose is not so much to lead, but to run along side them and cheer them on through the hard parts. I’m relateable, I’ve been there, I’ve felt it. I’m okay with that. Actually, I’m really okay with that.

Some teach, some learn;  some lead, some follow. To have one, you need the other… 



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One thought on “Back To School!

  1. steelbladeninja says:

    One need only to have one other follow to be a leader…and one need only one to be learning after to be a teacher…I imagine that you’re both right now, even though you yourself are the follower, and the learner. This will never change. 😉

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