Life Is Magical…

I walked out of church on Sunday afternoon feeling beautiful, unique, and full of magic. The speaker spoke about how we are all magical and special; how we are made of star stuff, the very material that stars of made of. We are the same as flowers that we take the extra moment just to stop and smell, the same as the blanket of twinkling stars in the sky…we are beautiful and magical.

LIFE is magical.

Just yesterday I experienced a magical moment in my day. Whether there is an explanation for this or not, I do not honestly know…but to me, it was magic.

For the last 2 years, since I moved to Massachusetts, I have scoured the beaches for seaglass every time I have had the opportunity. I have an abundance of browns, whites and greens…but I have yet to find the one color I want the most…the illusive blue seaglass.

Yesterday, after visiting the beach with some of our friends, I was changing, cleaning my room and getting ready to begin a load of laundry. As I turned around, there in the middle of my beige carpet lay a piece of sapphire blue seaglass, all alone. How could I have missed that before? The contrast of the blue against the beige was so sharp there is no WAY I missed that! I picked it up and studied it, it most definitely was seaglass. Dumbfounded, I asked Nick if he knew anything about it, and sure enough, he didn’t, and thought it was just as odd as I did.

I have looked for years…and yet, one LITERALLY followed me home. I have no way of explaining it, although I think I exhausted every possibility of an ATTEMPTED explanation. The explanation for this Pisces, however, is that life is magical… Magic is everywhere, every single day. Maybe it was a sign, a sign that I’m on the right path in life…maybe I just stepped on it on the beach and dragged it home…regardless, its magical, and I’m so grateful for all those magical moments in my life 🙂

Enjoy your magical life 🙂



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