Love and Gratitude!

I’m FULL of it today! No, not silliness…well maybe…but I’m FULLLL of LOVE and GRATITUDE! I bet some of you are thinking, “Good GOD, what is this girl ON?!” and some of you are thinking this is totalllly normal because you’re the EXACT same way! I tend to be a little more grateful and lovey-dovey on Wednesdays though because I tend to start my morning off REALLY right on those days… I get up early (well we get up early everyday, but still), make breakfast, have time to sit and chat because Nick doesn’t have to be to work early, and I get coffee at Atomic and a ride to the train 🙂 What’s NOT to love?! 🙂

This Wednesday morning was especially wonderful. We got up earlier than we typically do on Wednesdays and layed in bed talking, it was wonderful. Then we tried a new recipe from Mark Sisson’s cookbook, Breaded (almond flour) poached eggs (recipe coming soon!). Oh MAN! This was fun to make, AND delicious!!! Then Nick made this crazy delicious smorgisborg of goodness that I get to have for leftovers today! There was sausage, and sweet potatoes and a whole bunch of different vegetables, topped with cool, creamy avocado. Clean up that drool spot :-p please.. 🙂

After breakfast, our morning was accompanied by the amazing soundtrack of NATURE!! Huge blasts of thunder and lightening, which was soon followed by that amazing sound of a riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiDICULOUS downpour 🙂 mmmmm 🙂

Some of you may be reading and thinking…what’s the big deal? Yeah, doesn’t sound like a bad morning, but it’s not THAT awesome Jen. I disagree! Every single bit of it was awesome, and I am SOOO grateful for every second of it, and here’s what I think: get on board. Get grateful for every single thing in your day that goes good, feels good, ANYTHING! The more grateful you get, the more things in life that will happen for you to be grateful for! Don’t ignore or passively let those little warm fuzzies slide by without notice…grab em, kiss em, hug em, and tell them you LOVE them! 😀

I read this neat little article this morning and I think I may want to even incorporate some of these tactics a little more in my day!

  Gratitude is a great way to really get the advantage of the secret. To really take advantage of it, try saying thank you for everything you have. You may know how wives really appreciates the little things their husbands do for them. So, in turn the husbands keep doing things for them! It’s the same way with the universe. If you are grateful for what you have, the universe will give you MORE things to be thankful about!! Some things someone could do is:1. Every morning, before you get out of bed create that feelings of gratitude. Be thankful of everything you have. Do not just think of things you are thankful for, but FEEL the gratitude.

2. As you get out of bed, as you take on step, think, “thank” and when you take another step you think, “you”

3. As you get ready for the day, go through a list of things you are thankful for, be thankful, for maybe the eyes to be able to read this vital information. Really FEEL IT. You might prefer something else right now, and maybe get different things that you would like later in life, but be grateful for all the things you have now.

     What are you thankful for? Maybe it’s the nice clothes you have, maybe it’s a perfect body, maybe it’s for the blessing of a new day, maybe it’s for your family, friends or the new people you will meet, or even the knowledge of using the law of attraction. Really FEEL it. I can’t stress it enough.

You may find yourself smiling. I’ve actually found myself laughing at times, and it feels AMAZING!!

     Thank you everyone who reads this. I know you all have busy schedules and I’m so happy that so many people take the time to read this. Thank you for letting me spread my journey of the law of attraction around this friendly universe.

So thank you for taking the time to read this this morning, and thanks for being awesome and all you-like 🙂

Have a rockin’ Wednesday guys! 🙂




3 thoughts on “Love and Gratitude!

  1. EvanB says:

    Every morning on my walk to work I do exactly that and run through all the amazing things I have to be thankful for in my life. It’s unreal how beautiful this world can be when we cherish all the things that go right for us each day.

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