Short Skirts, Tall Boots And Wool :) …Ahhhh Fall :)

Before I launch off on a marathon of chatter to catch you up on my life, I just want to stop and say thank you for FALL!!!! Cool, crisp mornings that make it nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get out from underneath your snuggly blankets. Soft wool sweaters and tall brown leather boots. Pink cheeks and little traces of your breath in the morning. Hot coffee to warm cold hands. Little kids wearing backpacks with pride. Leaves turning shades or red, yellow and orange. Apple picking and hot apple cider (and once a year, that piping hot cider donut…mmmmmmmmm!). Yep! Fall is amazing…period! I welcome you with open arms :-D!!

Well, it’s official…I have signed up for my first 5k ever!! October 24th, 2010 at 11am, I will be running the Cider Mash 5k at Cider Hill Farms in Andover, MA. The website says it’s the most challenging 5k around…so OBVIOUSLY that’s the one I chose to run :-0, I mean, I hated running before, so why NOTTTT pick the hardest 5k around to kick off my road race experience. HA! Last night I officially ran the most UNBROKEN miles I ever have…3.85!!! Honestly, I am SOOOOO excited because I felt GOOD!!! I felt like I could easily carry a conversation, I felt like I was breathing normally…the only thing that stopped me was my feet. Chucks are not good for running…in case you didn’t know. Maybe its time for some Inov-8’s??

This past Monday was Nick and I’s one year anniversary 🙂 I feel like the luckiest person on the planet to have been able to say I’m his girlfriend for the last year. It’s been the best year of my life to date! 🙂 SO, on Sunday we went up to Cider Hill farms to apple pick, have some hot apple cider, and even, yes even, a cider donut!! I hadn’t had a donut since the PREVIOUS year when I ate a cider donut at Cider Hill. After apple picking we went to Flatbread pizza in Andover. Now, we hardly EVER eat pizza. The last time we ate pizza before this time was literally in March..and we were in NYC, and we were walking by the pizza shop that is supposedly in SpiderMan…so we had to stop. Before that, November. So, pizza twice in the course of almost a year…I would say we’re doing okay. Anyway…it’s kind of a funny story. I’m sure our waitress thought Nick and I were the biggest weirdos ALIVE! Flatbread is this GREAT restaurant, super great atmosphere (wood burning oven, wooden beams, etc), and all natural, organic, local ingredients. SOOOO, for pizza, it’s the healthiest we’ll probably find, and we were okay with eating QUALITY pizza, not just for the sake of eating pizza. Well, there were two size options, small or large. We agreed to order salads first (fresh fiber first!) and then split a small pizza…but then we SAW the small pizza. It was the size of a dinner plate. That was not going to fly… However, instead of trying to decide this ahead of time, we did this as the waitress was standing there. We couldn’t decide on a small or large…we explained that we knew we could EAT the large (its super thin crust and not nearly as large as a large sounds…), but that we were reserved about doing that because we ‘NEVER EAT ever…”. She was probably like, seriously?? Long story short… we got the large, and ate the whole thing..hahaha. It was delicious, amazingly great quality ingredients, and we enjoyed every bite 🙂 So to me, that’s a win!

Apple picking Fall 2009


Apple Picking Fall 2010

Best. Day. Ever.

I’m really excited for next month…not only am I running a 5k, and it’s Halloween month (when I live near Salem MA!!), we’re going to an awesome seminar, and a Celtics game… BUT my family is coming, and NICK’S family is coming, and they’re going to be here the same time!!!!! So much to look forward to!


On a Crossfit related note:

I haven’t been going to Crossfit as much in the last few weeks because I’ve been substituting them with runs. I’m trying to get my body used to running 3+ miles (doesn’t sound like a lot, but two months ago, tops, I wasn’t running more than 1 mile at a time…). The last time I was in the gym was Saturday morning. The workout was pretty freakin AWESOME.

1 mile time trial (7:49, my fastest mile yet!)

 max pullups in 2 minutes (31)

max pushups in 2 minutes (31)

max situps in 2 minutes (63)

max squats in 2 minutes (65)

So, obviously this was a workout in itself…but THEN our coach, Raf, wanted to do a challenge. He told us to get into groups of 4 (Nick and I paired up with Kathryn and Evan), and grab a 35# kettlebell for women and 52# kb for men. We all ended up using the 35# since we had just finished a workout that used a fair amount of arms. The challenge? 1000 kettlebell swings for time (amongst your team). It took us 1/2 hour………. and I DESTROYED my hand. I never ever take off my ring on my right hand, and after the workout, not only did I have the entire outside of my pinky finger raw and bloody, but my where my ring hits my palm was destroyed, and there was actual flesh embedded in my ring (sorry for the gore…:-p). It. Was. Nuts. So, I haven’t been in the gym since then because it STILL hurts to take a shower (raw skin), and I look like I have a disease…my hand is literally falling apart. Tonight’s workout has weighted pullups in it, and there are ring dips…ugh…fun times. Help me gain some of the motivation I need to get there tonight…please? 🙂


On a FOOOOOOD related note:

Want a quick, INSANELY DELICIOUS breakfast option?? This morning we had the tastiest, completely balanced breakfast EVER!!

First, hard boil some eggs. I recently found the most PERFECT hard-boiled egg consistancy…here’s my tip: Boil the water FIRST. Then gently place the egg in the water for 8 minutes on the dot…pull it out. Perfect.

While boiling eggs, cook some bacon. We had baked ours the night before, so we just needed to heat it up. Crispy is better for this.

Chop the hard-boiled egg up in a bowl, crumble the bacon, chop up some tomato, red onion and avocado. Mix it all together, and savor every single salty, creamy bite 😀 YUM!!! Pictures to come later 🙂

Bon appetite! 😀






6 thoughts on “Short Skirts, Tall Boots And Wool :) …Ahhhh Fall :)

  1. Jennifer W. Flynn says:

    flatbread’s rocks. We love it. Salads are my favorite anywhere.

    Happy Anniversary. It’s good to be in love. Especially young love – everything is so much brighter. Enjoy

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  3. Jeff D says:

    Emeril’s egg method is one that has never failed me. Start with cool water, bring to a boil then turn off the heat and let them sit for 11 minutes. Drain then fill the pot with ice water and let them sit for two minutes.

    Also makes them VERY easy to peel.

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