WOD-ifying Your Chores…

Some may call it a “Power Clean”, while others would call it “Cleaning for time…”; no matter how you slice it OR dice it…its seriously intense cleaning, for a very short amount of time…and it WORKS!

After an embarrassing encounter on Saturday afternoon, I started thinking we may need a better system when it comes to cleaning up our house. You see, Nick and I can keep the house clean when we want to, but we also have the incredible ability to take the word “DISASTER” to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL. Give us 5 minutes, and your house will never be the same…

I like to say it’s because we’re such “passionate” people. :-p

So, on Saturday afternoon I was curling my hair in the bedroom (I was going to a wedding of a good friend of mine at the MIT Faculty Club…which was SOOOO gorgeous!!!) when Nick comes in and says, “Babe, Amanda’s here…” “Amanda’s here?” I didn’t even really think about it as I was walking over the piles of clothes I had on my side of the bedroom, down the hallway into the kitchen that kind of looked like it exploded. I was so excited to see her 🙂 Then we started talking, and my focus started fading. I slowly became all too aware of the dishes in the sink, the mess on the counter and the enormous pile of boxes on the table that Nick created so that he can set his laptop on top of it and sit with a perfect posture 🙂 I also slowly started thinking back to a week previous when we went to HER house, saw how incredibly well decorated and how pristine it was…and how I MAY have mentioned I was probably never going to invite her over to my house now, haha (and that was in reference to my CLEAN house, which I was insinuating was not as well decorated as hers…heck I would have taken that over what she got!). Now mind you, it is not typically like that…we have finally figured out a way to cook elaborate meals, get Nick off to work at 6:30am and me at 8, get OUT of work, go to Crossfit to FINALLY get home at 8pm where we THEN start cooking dinner and eat at 8:30-8:45pm; AND somehow keep our house under control. However, come Friday we are both DONE for the week, and the cleaning doesn’t typically happen until Saturday (but with a wedding, it was going to have to wait!)…BUT I think we may have figured something OUT!

Yesterday we made a list first thing in the morning of ALL the things we wanted to accomplish that day (and trust me, it was ambitious!). On the list was everything from me going to church, to cleaning out the attic, to house cleaning, running, and coffee with friends. So, when it came time to do the house clean, we knew we couldn’t pull our usual behavior of taking 2 hours to clean up…we put 20 minutes on the timer and devised a game plan.

“Okay Nick, we BOTH tackle the kitchen…5 minutes tops…then I’ll do the bedroom while you pick up the living room and office, and then we’ll both hit up the bathroom!” With everything short of a huddle and clap, we pressed go and boy did we GO! We swirled round and round the room, almost like a dance…somehow managing to not get in one anothers way. After spending 5 minutes total in that room, I broad jumped up two steps between the kitchen and the living room and sprinted to the bedroom. Folding, hanging and sorting, I had the bedroom locked down in a little over 5 minutes, with just enough time to dart to the bathroom to finish up. With just a few minutes over the time limit, we stopped, turned to face each other, and high-fived. We did it…and it was FUN!

SO, the plan is from now on, 10 minutes everyday…for time 🙂 Call us children…but I guess we need to make cleaning a game, or..heck…a WOD…to get it done 🙂 Whatever it takes to avoid having friends drop in on a bombed home…I’m game! :-p


5 thoughts on “WOD-ifying Your Chores…

  1. Kathryn L says:

    Love, Love, Love it. I need to employ this strategy at my house. Unfortunately I am the kid at my house. My husband is much more adult when it comes to stuff like cleaning…

  2. Kelsalynn says:

    Genius!! I love it!

    I also noticed that your schedule is so similar to ours that it’s scary. We workout after work then come home and eat a late dinner. Most people find that totally crazy.

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