Tomorrow is the big day…Fight Gone Bad 5! I HOPEFULLY (still need to sign up!!!) will be able to get a spot in at Crossfit Route 1! They’re having an all our PARTY over there tomorrow! The Lululemon girls will be there, along with Jammin’ 94.5 radio station!

So, I sold out…I OFFICIALLY bought a pair of tall socks. Why? Well, I’ve discovered that there is ACTUALLY a purpose to them other than the school girl look that it somewhat mimics:

THEY DO HAVE A PURPOSE!!! So, with the upcoming Fight Gone Bad 5 (FGB5), and KNOWING that in the workout are Sumo Dead-Lift Highpulls (which I ALWAYS destroy my shins on), I decided since I am going to two weddings in the next few weeks, that it would be in my best interest to protect my legs a little 🙂 So, I broke down, and bought a 3 pack of tall socks 🙂

Whether I actually do the workout tomorrow now is another story…I guess you and I will be equally surprised at the outcome! Starting next week, I’m going to get my butt to the gym more, dang it!!!! I will!! 🙂

Love you guys,


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4 thoughts on “FIGHT GONE BAD 5!!!!

  1. Kelsalynn says:

    I have 1 pair of tall socks but they’re the soccer kind- so stripes at the top. I like the colorful, crazy style in your picture even better though! I’ll add it to my Xmas list!

  2. Jeff D says:

    Try doing deadlifts with a surgical screw that justs out just a wee bit from your upper shin (ACL reconstruction)

    Can’t tell you how many times I’ve bled from that thing!

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