Have you ever had a day that felt so good, sun shining in a bright blue sky, that you felt like the birds were singing their song directly to you? Then perhaps, just the very next day, you walk outside and the sky is cold and grey, a heavy fog covers the ground and you feel like everyone is out to get you? It’s amazing to me how this happens to more people than you realize. So why does it happen? It’s not bipolar disorder guys…it what WE put into the world! Have you ever heard an EXTREMELY negative person complain about how negative everyone is?? Well, LIKE attracts LIKE! If we are positive and grateful and pour love all over EVERYTHING, that is EXACTLY what we get back!! If you really take notice the next time you’re in a great mood, it TYPICALLY (heck, I’ll go as far as to say ALWAYS) is because you’ve been extra generous with you love from the moment you woke up (maybe you stood on your deck at 5am and said aloud all that you were grateful for!) and once you start rolling on that path, it’s all too easy to keep going…eventually, you’ve built up so much love and warm fuzzies that negativity is NO MATCH for the powerful forcefield of love you have around you! Guess what? It works the other way too! Let’s say you woke up this morning and absolutely NOTHING went right in the first hour. Instead of choosing to react to those incidents in a way that doesn’t allow you to dwell on the negativity, you chose the easier path…roll with the negativity. Well guess what?? After a while of playing the Negative Nancy part, it only gets EASIER and EASIER! By the time you get home at 6pm, you feel like you literally have been through the wash, and that the world is crap! Well, the world is EXACTLY the same as it was YESTERDAY…(remember that day that you felt like you were in an 80’s afterschool special?? as in YESTERDAY!)…but your PERCEPTION of the world has changed..nothing else. Well, that should make you feel a HUGE relief, because we have 100% control over our PERCEPTION..it’s the WORLD we have NO CONTROL over!!!

So, on my lunch break I found myself in a little bit of a funk, not even sure why. So I headed over to Borders and started poking around at books (typically a good way to raise my spirits :)) and came across the book, The Power. It talked about how when we pour love out into the world, we get love back! Duh right?! 🙂 When we pour negativity into the world, we get it back in one form or another! So, by the time I left the store to come back to work, I had a smile on my face! Amazing! I decided that I wanted to come back here and write a post on love and gratitude..and make a list of those “little things” I love (again, this would be my second post like that :-p). Nothing puts you in high spirits like a list of things that make you feel soooo happy…things that you’re absolutely in love with! 🙂

~If we’re going to talk about things we’re in love with…I HAVE to start with my man! 🙂 Nicholas 🙂 The most incredibly positive, uplifting, enthusiastic, loving person I have ever met 🙂

~Fall: apple picking, the smell of harvest, apple cider, cool weather, warm sweaters, tights, boots, a fresh start, and pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING (beer and coffee!!)

~October specifically!: family all coming to visit and being able to meet for the first time, amazing seminars, Celtics games, my first 5k!!!

~I LOVE (randomness, hehe) Washington  DC, South Beach (Miami), Vermont and Santa Barbara, CA! 🙂

~Uplifting, life changing, positive self-help books 🙂

~PUPPIES!!! Yup, I’mmmm a chick!

~Paleo Pumpkin Chocolate Chip MUFFINS!!!! Recipe HERE!

~ Sitting for 15 minutes in the morning with a cup of coffee and chatting with my mom 🙂

~Friday nights that we make a little “nest” and drink tea and watch Entourage 🙂 🙂

I like how these people think! 🙂

~ My purple chucks are close to being out of commission, and while I said in my last similar post that I love love LOVED them, I have to say, my pink high tops are chasing them up the ranks 🙂 However, love is abundant and an unlimited resource, so I’ll say I love them both!!!! 🙂

~MONDAY NIGHTS!!! Running and cooking with the house to myself till 8…it’s a great time for me to clear my mind and reset 🙂

~A great adjustment 🙂 I love that I am feeling well enough to know when I have been too long without an adjustment. I am more on the same page with my body (for the most part) and can understand its communications!

~TUESDAY NIGHTS!!! Date night with Nick and Crossfit…and while we’re on it, how about…

~WEDNESDAY MORNINGS!!! Breakfast, and a stop at Atomic on the way to the train.

~A great chat with a friend 🙂 🙂

These are just a FEW things that I love!!! It’s funny, Nick teases me that I LOVE everything 🙂 “I LOVVVVE fall, mmmmm, I LOVE this meal…oh man I LOVE that song!!! I love you 🙂 I lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve when we eat there! I LOVE Sundays…etc etc etc…you get the point. While he’s obviously not saying this is a bad thing, I need to say that I LOVE the fact that I LOVE so many things!! 😀 Life is great, and we could all see that everyday if we looked  🙂

I love YOU!! 😀


Me :-p


3 thoughts on “I LOVE LOVE!

  1. Joe V says:

    Amen, my sister, amen!

    Happiness is a choice and happiness begets more happiness!

    There’s so much in life to love and appreciate.

    Yes, sometimes bad things still happen in life that can knock us off balance, but it always helps to remember that without the bitter the sweet just isn’t as sweet.

    Everything happens for a reason and we are attractors of our experience. Period.

    Loved this post!

  2. Jen says:

    Awesome post, Jen! I felt kinda bad after our conversation on Thu because I just wasn’t in the right space to hear the good stuff you were saying. I heard it loud and clear on this post and loved it. Thanks. =)

    I even wrote my own version of it on my blog.

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