It Happened…!!!


Want the details?? 🙂 OKAY!


As I had mentioned, the month of October was one CRAZY month! Starting on October 1, we had one thing after another happening, from seminars, to weddings to house guests. Nick’s parents were here for three weeks (which by the way, I absolutely loved! At one point during the month, they left for a few days to do a “New England Tour” sort of speak, and I was telling Nick the first night we were alone that I was really bummed. He said, and I quote, “Yes, we’ll miss them Jen…but we”ll be alright…” HAHAHA. I absolutely loved every day more and more!). Last Saturday (the 23rd) was supposed to be when my parents were to arrive, and Nick’s parents were to get back from their NE Tour to meet my parents for the first time ever. We did, however, have Friday night to ourselves, and to thank me for being so flexible and wonderful during this crazy busy month, Nick told me he wanted to take me out Friday night before the crazy weekend began.

So all day Friday I was wishing the day away. I couldn’t WAIT for our date in the city 🙂

Friday after work we met up at BeanTown Pub by my work to have a drink before dinner. He walked in a few minutes after me, and man was he handsome 🙂 He was acting strange, which made me a little nervous…hahaha. Come to find out later, I guess the reason he was acting strange was because I was SERIOUSLY stressing him out. I kept hugging him, but putting my arms around him INSIDE his jacket, and supposedly kept hitting the GIGANTIC ring box. Seriously, this thing is abnormally large, and is a mini replica of a black velvet treasure chest, LOL!

He told me that we had dinner reservations at a little french bistro on Newbury Street for 6:10pm, so we headed out into the FREEZING cold Boston air, into the common.

We walked through the common, and crossed over into the public garden. Over to the right I saw “our spot”.

Last summer, on one of our first few dates, Nick and I sat under a willow tree next to this pond on a night with a full moon. We sat and talked for well over an hour as we tried to fend off ducks who were trying (and trying very hard I may add) to eat our toes! Well, I guess Nick was attracted to my inner nerd, because it was that night, under that willow tree, that Nick first fell in love with me. Later, on the drive home, Nick fell asleep on my shoulder as I was driving. Little did I know that Nick falling asleep at relatively early hours was going to be a very routine event in our lives, hehe…but it was at that moment that I realized that I was falling in love with him. 🙂

So as we crossed near “our spot” I pointed it out and Nick replied with, “oh yeah! Let’s go check it out!”

When we got to the spot, I felt the change in Nick which caused me to get nervous immediately. So nervous in fact that I set my purse down like I was ready for whatever was coming, lol! With my hands clasped together, I nervously started looking around the pond, as Nick started talking…

“So this is the spot where I first fell in love with you…

…and this was the night that you first fell in love with me…right?” I loved that “right?” haha. Yes, yes it was Nick 🙂

Well, it was at this moment that I had a feeling what was about to be said, and I did the very opposite of what I think I was supposed to do at that moment.

I squatted down.

Yes…I knelt. I’m not talking like on one knee…that would have been awkward. I’m talking I schooched down…

“Wait babe…before you sit down, I have something to ask you.” HAHAHA..whoops!

Instead of me standing up though, he knelt down to me, and we were face to face.

I think this is where I blacked out, hahaha.

…but seriously. It was at this time that I literally became the luckiest woman on the planet (I’m sorry if that’s too sappy, but its real folks! REAL! :-D)…Nicholas Araza asked me to marry him.


Monet? Or Nick proposing to me?



Without seeing the ring, I said OF COURSE!! Hugging and kissing him. He then pointed out to me that he had not yet showed me the ring and asked if I wanted to see it…hahaha..oops! YES! 😀

I couldn’t love it more!


So…are you ready for MORE?!!?!

Yes there is MORE!!!!


At that moment, Nick said to me…so I have another surprise for you. I couldn’t imagine what else he could possibly have up his sleeve!

He turned me around…

…there were two people walking down the path toward me…I squinted to focus in…

There walking toward me, a day early, were my parents!

“Oh my goshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..” and then, stopping in my tracks…head in my hands…I lost it folks. Yup…completely lost it…I’m talking UGLY CRY. There were lots of hugs, and tears and then, without having yet collected myself…I see my Aunt and Uncle from Canada walking toward me!! Once again, tears all over the place! After being able to share a few moments with them alone, I see Jack and Jan (Nick’s parents) walking toward me. Now, so far all of the people who have come out of the bushes I was planning on seeing this weekend, but not until the next day! Jack and Jan were SUPPOSED to be in New York that night, and weren’t supposed to get back until Saturday afternoon!

I also have to add, everything was just so beautifully orchestrated. PS: this was the word of the night for me. I kept saying, through my tears and sobs that it was all so “BEAUTIFULLY ORCHESTRATED!!”. One pair came from one direction, then after a few minutes another came from another direction, and so on!

Then, from the left, out comes my Aunt Debbie and Uncle Kos (who were not at all planning on coming down that weekend), and then after a few minutes, my Aunt Tammy and Uncle Glen (Again, no plan of them coming down!). I was just a big ole’ mess at this point…

In my delirium, I say, “Is there anyone ELSE out there??” haahhaha, and with a touch of disappointment in her voice, my mom says, “no sweetheart, I think that’s it.”  Now why on EARTH would there be disappointment in her voice? Well, for the last MONTH I had been saying how much I missed my brother, and I had even spoken with him the night before, asking him to come down for like the 200th time that month! I knew he had to work, but I would have LOVED for him to be there! As far as Nick’s brother, I knew there was no chance of him being there for the weekend, considering he lives in SANTA BARBARA, CA!

Then, at that moment, my mom just gently turns me around…and walking toward me are…


I lose it again. hahaha. MAN, I was a WRECK!

And just when I thought it couldn’t POSSIBLY get any more emotional…Nick grabs my brother and his brother, with me in the middle, and says “BROTHERS!!!”…yup…got me RIGHT THERE!

Phew…I’m spent…how about you? 🙂

Well, can you hold out? There’s just a litttttle bit more! However, before that, how about a photo break? 🙂


Waiting in the Garden for the big event!


Hugging my mom before he came to meet up with me.

My fam, and my future fam in the Garden before the question 🙂

You're sooo wonderful 🙂 I couldn't believe all that was happening!

I said YES!


my love, my life


Okay! And we’re back! 😀

So, after we all gathered together, and we were mostly done with hugs, Nick told us that we had dinner reservations at STEPHANIES!!! Stephanies is most definitely my favorite restaurant, so I was super excited!

We get there and waitress’ are asking who the lucky couple was. After we all sat down, Nick got up and handed me a photo album. On the first page he wrote,

“Jennifer, you are my love, now, I hope you’ll be my life…” Yeah…I know…soooo good 🙂

In the album were pictures of us, chronologically, over the last year or so. That is DEFINITELY something I will love and cherish FOREVER!

Then, he had this picture (below) printed and framed for everyone that was there, with a thank you on the back:

So then the question of, wait…where is everyone going to stay??? popped into my head…

As if he could read my mind, Nick then informed me that he had reserved a hotel room for us that night, right there in the city. Ahhhh!!! Everything about that night was soooo beautiful, so “beautifully orchestrated”, and SO incredibly thoughtful. It was all just SO US! We are both so family oriented, and so to have both of our families there, to share that life changing moment with us, was just so special, and so right. It was also such a perfect ending to an incredible night to walk into a hotel room, strewn with petals, and a framed letter he wrote to me. That was so key since that was the only night we had a chance to talk, just the two of us, and laugh and freak out!!! We’re ENGAGED!!!


Dinner at Stephanies

The main men in my life 🙂


So thank you so much for reading this WHOLE post! 😀 and thank you for sharing in our moment 🙂 I’m so looking forward to all the wonderful moments, and blog posts, to come in our future 🙂

Much Love,

The future Mrs. Araza 🙂 🙂


12 thoughts on “It Happened…!!!

  1. Jennifer W. Flynn says:

    well done NICK! Very well done. COngrats. my engagement was the best night of my life (yes, I know I have three kids – but it was!)
    sounds like your was too
    so happy for you both

  2. Kristen says:

    LOVEEE!!! Perfect post, perfect couple 🙂 YAY so glad we could be a part of the celebration of your weekend!! 🙂

  3. elenasc says:

    Congrats!!!! Now, don’t laugh, but i just wrote a post that explain how reading about divorce can save your marriage!!! lol I got married few months ago… and I had to write this cuz it’s really…funny!
    Pass by if you have the chance

  4. steelbladeninja says:

    HAHAHA!!! Straight up UGLY CRY! Hilarious! 😀

    I’ve already congratulated both of you multiple times, but here’s another!

    One thing though – you might wanna get that ugly cry under control…it’s just the beginning! LOL!

  5. Kelsalynn says:

    Oh my gosh! I barely know you except for reading your blog and I have tears in my eyes! (Does this make me creepy?) What a special moment for you. I kept thinking it was great and then you’d add another part! I feel like I know you so much more after reading thsi post because like you said, the way this was done seems to represent you so well. Congratulations on your engagement!

    • nadeaujl5 says:

      hehe, Kelsalynn, this does not make you creepy at all 🙂 Thank you so much for the congratulations. It really was sooo “US”, and he literally organized the best day of my life so far 🙂 🙂 Oh, and I forgot to add that he’s been planning this for 6 months, and asked my family (my dad, mom AND brother) 2 months before he asked me!! He’s a great guy 🙂

  6. Ann says:

    I had a hard time not crying! Nick does know and realize that he has one GEM in you, and sounds like you have a GEM in him. Thanks for sharing. It is a storybook event, extremely well orchestrated! Our best wishes to you!

  7. Julia says:

    I was right!!!!! 🙂 haha I’m SO beyond excited for you and Nick! Like Kelsalynn, I hardly know you, but I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes! He is definitely a wonderful guy for ‘beautifully orchestrating’ all of that! Wishing you nothing but happiness for the rest of your life together! 🙂

  8. Christina says:

    Holy cow; where was the warning on that one?? I need some tissue, seriously. That’s the most beautiful story I’ve heard in a long time; Hollywood couldn’t top that one. You two are beautiful people. xoxo

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