This Is Gonna Be A Good Life!

Gooood morning!

I have to say, I forgot how GOOD it feels to sit in front of a blank page (whether it be electronically or in the form of a notebook) and just begin to write. Over the last couple months, when things were getting crazy I think I would have fared better by blogging rather than thinking of it as one more thing I needed to do. It’s pretty cathartic I must say.

As I mentioned in the last post, Saturday was Nick and I’s first ever Crossfit competition. We won!! Ha…I’m kidding. We did however tie for last :-p A three-way tie!! haha. Doesn’t even matter, I am SO glad that we did it; Nick made the whole thing look easy, and I exceeded my own expectations! Jared, you were great too 🙂 🙂 Here are some pictures!:

I must have done 40ish reps of 115. Me bum hurts!

This is my favorite!

So the workouts were hard, and I was thoroughly good and sore for the next two days. The MOST sore I have ever been in my life! haha. Am I glad that I did it??…you BET! I would do it again too 🙂

The rest of the weekend was a blur of spending time with friends, catching up over coffee, screening for Franson Family Chiropractic and spending some time with the Franson’s picking their brain about opening a practice. After an incredible conversation on the way home about life, and where we saw ourselves in the next few years, we got home and watched a video that Amanda Cannon Photography had posted of us (our engagement shoot)…and I want to share it with you. Just so YOU’RE warned, because I was not…I wept like a little girl, haahhaa. Okay, maybe not that dramatically, but I DEFINITELY cried…

So…here it is (captured and created by none other than the talented Mrs. Amanda Cannon of Amanda Cannon Photography): Make sure you have your speakers up!

I have 9 whole days of work left, and I can’t WAIT! I am SOOOO excited to work in an environment that is loving and supportive, with my teammate 🙂 I have so much faith that together we will rock some people’s lives! 😀 ANNNNDDDD, in a couple of weeks I get to have a little taste of it when I work alongside some of my favorite people on the planet at Franson Family Chiropractic to soak up everything Miss Alexis, Sarah and Chaney want to throw at me!! I love this life! 😀


3 thoughts on “This Is Gonna Be A Good Life!

  1. joann/ aka mom says:

    once again i am so amaazed by you you are so beautiful in every way and every time i watch this video it makes me cry from the happiness and pride i feel for both of you love you both so much love mom

  2. Rose Mini says:

    Great post Jen! It was great to be with you in person cheering you guys on! Wished I met you earlier…seems like I’m just getting to know you and soon you will be gone. I’m grateful for the short time I do have!!! blessings to you both!

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