T-Minus 11520 Minutes


Lifes a journey, not a destination


I am sitting in probably the only clutter-free spot in our house right now; on our sunshine-yellow couch that will soon be taken away by a stranger. Looking around are boxes full of “must-haves”, the few things we have found important enough to us that they earned a coveted spot in the back of the Expedition for the trip west; the rest will go. It’s beginning to feel a little sad in here.

Only seven short days from now we will be having our going away party with all the people we love here in Beverly, and the following morning, heading west…well south, THEN west 🙂 Since I’ve shared so much of myself in the last year, I want to share a little about Jen BC (Before Crossfit)…

Over the last six years, I have had MANY conversations with my parents about moving to California. It’s a little odd thinking back on it, considering I had never visited California until March of 2010! I just had a feeling that I was supposed to live there; and I’m not talking LA, I’m talking a small-ish coastal beach town where I could learn to surf and be “crunchy”, haha. I am not really either of those things, but really secretly (well maybe not so secretly) want to be, hehe.

So anyway, over and over I would have conversations about moving to Calfornia, all of which NO ONE took seriously. Why not?? Well, I had a litttttttle problem with commiting to goals that I had. I would start a workout regiment, done after a month. I would try a new crazy diet, done after a month. I would talk about moving to California, changed my mind after a couple of months. I wanted to do this for a career, or that for a career, then I would get distracted on to something else. Not super appealing, but I did a lot of it. So, summer of 2009 one of my close friends got transferred from his company here in Massachusetts to the west coast branch in San Luis Obispo, CA. I had a renewed interest in moving out, and thought, HERES MY CHANCE! I’ll know someone, it’s a small beach town, this will be GREAT! Then, I got accepted to a program that I had applied to here in New Hampshire for health education (at least that was consistent, my interest in health!) and decided to stay for that. Just six short days after I was SUPPOSED to pack up and go out west, I met Nick at the Salem Culture Festival. Whoa BABY I would NOT have been happy if I had missed out on THAT one! On our second date, Nick mentioned (not to get ahead of himself of course) that he wanted to eventually go back to California, and asked me if that was something I would be interested in….um, yes PLEASE!

So after much thought, I decided not to do the health ed program (THANK GOD) and decided to stay here, join Crossfit and start eating like a caveman. Yep…those were the best choices I have ever made…and more importantly, STUCK TO!  🙂 I have learned more about health in the last year than I would have EVER learned in that program, and the two versions of health (the one the school would have taught me, and the one I’ve learned for free here) couldn’t BE more different!

So here I am, a year and a half later, heading for California anyway…a place that I truly have always felt is where I belong…don’t ask me why! Things are really starting to fall into place for our future practice, right down to the font on our logo! Last week I spent three days in the office with Nick and got to see the office, how it flows, how it thrives and how it functions! It was INCREDIBLE! I have struggled a bit with being “just a C.A.” for a little bit now…and for you C.A.’s (chiropractic assistants) out there reading this, please don’t take offense…I knew nothing! See, I was a receptionist for the last three years, and I had no interest in moving across the country to continue doing that…and I was constantly hearing comments like “oh so you’re going to be Nick’s receptionist?” While I felt that it was going to be more than that, I really didn’t have the information to say otherwise. Well guess what…one of probably the most valuable things I learned while I was in the office with Nick was that it is NOT a receptionist job…wow! Honestly, the C.A. is like a conductor for an orchestra, or a stage manager for a play…Nick MAY be the star of the show, but the conductor or stage manager is JUST as important in making sure everything goes smoothly and stays on course. There were so many little tiny details that the girls covered that the doctors never even had to think about, so that all of their energy could go toward giving the best possible care to their patients. To top it all off, I get to be the ambassador of first impressions for all our future patients! :-D..and get to play with the kids and hold babies…just another perk 🙂

I am SO excited to start this important career.

So, starting next week, I will keep you all posted on our journey, with the cool things we do and see along the way, and of course a few handstand pictures as well 🙂 🙂 I love and appreciate you ALL, and hope you had the best holiday yet 🙂

Much love,



4 thoughts on “T-Minus 11520 Minutes

  1. jen says:

    sounds like you are fulfilling your on destiny Jen. Congrats.
    Funny the photo you used for this post was the cover of a great book I just read PAINLESS. Did you know that?

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