It’s Always Sunny In Santa Barbara!

I am not about to defend my rather puny attempts at keeping my blog updated lately, and I’m going to go straight into filling you in 🙂

First of all…holy JEEZ I miss you guys! I miss the support group, the comeradery, the “Jen, don’t be a pansy, do one more!” in my ear…I miss you all, each and every one of you for different reasons. For those of you who read who I have no yet met, I miss you too…I miss having you read, knowing that I have all these great influences who are going to keep me on track. So with that being said, let me catch you up!

We have made it to California!

January 18th, and we have our feet in the Pacific!

I must say that the weather here is KIND OF RIDICULOUS! When I say RIDICULOUS, let me paint a picture for you. You know how in the tv shows from the 50’s it seems as if it were the same weather every single day? Well, it’s a little bit like that in Santa Barbara. The first two weeks we were here, literally every single day was cloudless blue skies, and 73 degrees. Every. Single. Day. It was phenomenal. The first day we saw clouds here was yesterday…and I’m not going to lie, I felt a twinge of “boooooo”…

*ducking from flying tomatoes*

 I know…I know!!! Sorry to you Mass friends who are buried under 70 inches of snow.

So we have officially been in Santa Barbara now for two whole weeks! We have an apartment…a “quaint dungeon” is an accurate description. I am not complaining though, because we have a home, and from the road, there is a SICK view of the ocean 🙂 So, while the kitchen is the size of a ring box, and it is a little on the dark side (since its half way between above ground and basement level)…it’ll do 🙂

We also have found a place to work! Get this…it’s on Hope Street 🙂 How freakin’ PERFECT is that for what we’re going to be doing? We would like to believe that we’ll not only be providing health, happiness and relief from present ailments, but also hope. This place is gold…quite literally actually…it’s located in the Plaza de Oro…which translates to “the golden square”. Bada bing…bada boom! Right now we are in the negotiation phase, and hopefully we’ll be able to start demolition NEXT WEEK!!! This is really happening!!

Okay, so we started this journey together over a year ago in regards to Crossfit, so I’m going to get on with the working out piece 🙂 We DID go check out a Crossfit out here, Crossfit Pacific Coast. We were so pumped to meet them. The second we walked in, there were people sitting around post workout, and they greeted us right away. One of the owners, Eric, came up to us and introduced himself and filled us in and got us in for a baseline test the next morning; that was the first time I had ever done the baseline test. My time for the test was 5:37 WOOOO HOOOO! I feel pretty good about that…ESPECIALLY since that was coming off of a southern food/mexican food induced coma for two weeks. Oh yeah…and did I mention we sat in a car for two weeks straight? :-p We won’t be able to get right in the gym, SUPER UNFORTUNATELY, but once we get up and running with the business, Crossfit here we come! Till then, and even after then, we are working out with Nick’s bro, Andrew. Andrew and his business partner Casey have a sweet business that we will be connected to in the business, called Innate Body Bootcamp. I feel so lucky to have Andrew, Nick and Casey there to help me get to where I want to physically. We all did a baseline sort of day on the 24th of January to see where we were weight and measurement wise, to give us something to go off of. Alright…here it is…some of my numbers!

As of Jan. 24th, 2011:

 weight: 145

bf%: 20.1%

waist: 26

hips: 39.5

arms: R 12 (sad little pipe) L 11.5

legs: R 22.25 L 22.5

So why did I share this?? Do you think it brings me joy to post these numbers? Well…it’s a lot less uncomfortable than it was in the past…but I do it so that I’m not just saying “I gained this much muscle, or lost these many inches” in so and so amount of time…how do you know?! This is my proof 🙂

My goals:

deadlift 200 pounds by summer

get kipping pullups…um….CHECK!!! Okay, so I kind of left this out…but not really because I’m telling you now…I GOT KIPPING PULLUPS!!!!! WITHOUT A BAND!!!!! On January 26th, I did 13 unassisted kipping pull-ups!! So that no one is confused, I need to clarify myself there…I did NOT get 13 in a row….I did one, stopped myself, did one, stopped myself, etc etc….I can’t quite string them together yet…YET I SAY 😀  My new goal though is to be able to string 5 together by summer!

get push-ups on my toes…oh man, I am reallllly flubbing up with the keeping you posted…UM CHECK!!! So, while they are super difficult…I am now officially doing push-ups on my toes!! Holy jeeeezz!!! I don’t know when that happened, but they seem to be getting a lot easier every time I do them now! 😀  New goal, doing 10 in a row on my toes by summer.

So what else is there to catch you up on? Basically we have been doing a Monday, Wednesday, Friday program with Andrew and Casey. On Mondays we are doing deadlifts and presses, on Wednesdays some sort of loaded squat, and Fridays are Oly lifting. My most recent deadlifting excursion was a 5×3 deadlift in which I did 135 for two rounds, and 125 for two, then finished with another 135. We also did presses in which I think I have BLOWN my max out of the water!!!! My max for a strict press was 65lbs before we left…well I did a 5×3 with that today!!!! I did 55 the first, 60 the second, and 3, 4 and 5 with 65lbs!! Honestly, I think I could have gone up a little!! Loveeee it! As for diet, we are in the middle of a 30 day Paleo challenge right now, and I am STRUGGLING! I have no idea why…its not like we were eating terribly before…I think it’s the coffee; we have given up stimulants. So instead of coffee I have been drinking decaf tea..ugh. I have not really noticed any changes either for some reason, and I think that is partially why I’m seriously frustrated with these 30 days…but onward I go, and hopefully at the end I’ll be able to remember why I did this :-p

Well, I think that’s all for today guys.I miss you ALL, and as always, I love to hear from you too!




3 thoughts on “It’s Always Sunny In Santa Barbara!

  1. Jenn (GH) says:

    Hi Jen! I met you at Lulu today. I moved to CA from Indiana 15 years ago and I still feel this way. Seriously, the weather here dreamy!

    It also sounds like we share a similar approach to training and nutrition.

    Nice meeting you today. I love my pants@ 🙂

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