Does This Coffee Shop Smell Of…?? No…Couldn’t Be…Could It? Yes….Yes It Does…

Sorry for the super random title, but I am sitting in a coffee shop, and I’m pretty sure there may be some extracurricular activity going on out back in between customers…and after watching them do handstands on the counter for the last 15 minutes, I would say I’m probably right. I thought I would share…


Now back to your regularly scheduled program…


We’ve been in Paradise for 22 days now. 22 days of cloudless, bright blue skies. 22 days of t-shirt temperatures and powerful doses of vitamin D. 22 days of vacation bliss? Not so much guys.

Don’t get me wrong, there has been plenty of sun soaking and exercise…but no vacationing yet! No wine tasting in Solvang, no bar hopping on State Street, no Santa Barbara culinary tours…and definitely no stress free days. I knew that moving across the country after selling pretty much everything we owned to start a business from the ground up would have its rough days…but I had no idea what it would really be like. I still want to be able to go out to breakfast or dinner once and a while, or not panic when every grocery store in the area is an organic, either actual Whole Foods, or a local Whole Foods kind of deal. That would be the most wonderful thing on earth if we weren’t living on an income that doesn’t grow just yet (just diminish)…you know? It took us a while to get our grocery buying routine down in Massachusetts, so I am trying to patient with our new situation. There is literally a farmers market every night but Monday. So currently, we are setting out to the two largest farmers markets on Tuesdays and Saturdays and stocking up on those days. So far, that is working really well! Everything is fresh, and we get to talk to the farmers and actually ask them how they raise their chicken or cows. Cool eh? 🙂 One thing that is odd for me here in Santa Barbara is that you have to drive 40 miles to the nearest Target, but you can walk downtown to Saks Fifth Avenue. I’m not there yet guys…hahaha. I’m not quite at the point where I can afford to buy little necessities at boutique stores. So, for us that causes a little bit of a problem….until RECENTLY! The other day Nick and I went to check out a thrift store in Goleta (town over from SB) and TA-DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, we furnished our entire living room for under $200! A big, fluffy, squishy red Pottery Barn couch, a green vintage-looking wooden cabinet for our tv, and a beautiful wooden trunk with claw foot legs that we are using to store blankets in, but also is being used as our coffee table. I LOVE our living room now…and I was a little TOO excited about that store. Nick now loves bargain hunting with me because I am on this super happy high afterward, and uber amped on life! Ugh…but enough about money…can you tell that’s what’s been on my mind?

We’ve been meeting lots of really great people here, in what seems like a relatively short amount of time! Luckily, we were so fortunate to have an already made community from Andrew and Casey…and now we get to benefit from that too! These are those quality people who immediately you just feel comfortable around, and I am SOOOOO grateful for that! When you’re feeling like you are a stranger in a new town, it is so helpful to have a small group of people who after hanging out with them just a few times you feel like you’re a part of it all, that DEFINITELY helps. The other night Nick and I went to have dinner over a few of the bootcampers from Andrew and Casey’s class. We ate a delicious paleo dinner, and then we just all sat around talking…or laughing till tears! The night could ONLY get better if we could forage our own oranges off of a tree…so that we HAD to do! Sammy climbed up on Casey’s shoulders as he steadied her enough to pick half a bag of oranges; long legs Nick just plucked them off the tree; and then Casey decided to just barefoot climb up a telephone pole to pick more oranges, while Chelsea and I stood below catching the goods! Does this sound like my type of people….UH YEAH! 🙂 So while this area obviously doesn’t quite yet feel like home, it’s getting cozier every day.

One thing that has stayed pretty consistent in our routines, however, is exercise. Like I mentioned in the last post, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday Nick and I are working out with Andrew and Casey at a gym in town (that just happened to be attached to a local Crossfit that is alllll outdoors!). We started off doing pretty much only strength training three times a week, and I just felt like I needed more met-con for myself; Nick is looking to gain more muscle and not lean out anymore, so doing the same routine as him would not work for me. I am looking to lean out more, while adding muscle…so on top of the three days of strength training, I’m aiming to do met-con three days as well.

Strength: Yesterday we did a 5×3 back squat. Previously, my max backsquat was 145. I was pumped about that because I could officially backsquat my own weight. WELL! Yesterday, I was backsquatting 135 lbs on a 5×3!! What does that mean?? I am most definitely way past my 145 max!!! Nick made a comment that my back looks way stronger…YES! 🙂 🙂

Met-Con: While Nick finished up another strength piece, I headed off for my met-con workout.

4 rounds: 15 burpees, 400 meter run.

Let me just put this out there…the sun makes things WAY harder! I had officially forgotten that because it’s been at least a few months since it was hot in Beverly. So yesterday, running in the sun, I was DYING! My knees were scraping against the gravel with every pop-up of the burpees. The whole thing was not so pretty, haha. I did, however, FINISH even though I wanted to give up after round 3. Have I become a pansy?? After just re-writing what the workout is I feel like that shouldn’t have been that hard…but it most definitely was!

Skill: I made a goal of getting 5 chained kipping pull-ups by summer….and yesterday I chained 3 together!! Honestly, I didn’t even try more, so many my goal has already been met. The next time I am in the gym, I will check on that for you 🙂 😉

So I think that is that guys! We are getting closer and closer to getting this lease closed and our sign above the door. Love you all and have a great week!! 😀



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4 thoughts on “Does This Coffee Shop Smell Of…?? No…Couldn’t Be…Could It? Yes….Yes It Does…

  1. steelbladeninja says:

    🙂 Excellent and exciting! Just like life should be! Keep up the stress-recucing MOVEment therapy. 😉

    [Incidentally, my oly lifts are getting pretty sweet: 157.5 lb snatch, 195 lb C&J…that’ll give good ol’ Health Buddy something to shoot for. :D]

  2. joann/ aka mom says:

    love you both very proud of what your doing these difficult times will make the great times so much better and then you both will look back and say look what we did together your great together love you both and miss you mom, dad and justin

  3. Julissa says:

    Jen, Your blog is awesome! I just wish I would have discovered this blog sooner. I can relate to soooo much of what you have gone through (fitness wise). You are an inspiration and I have a lot of respect for a woman that is honest with herself! It was great meeting you at the Weston Price meeting 🙂 Btw, glad you found the cool thrift store in Goleta (I am a proud Goletian)…. when you get a chance, checkout another great bargain store for little simple items for home (esp for the kitchen) at “Tuesday Morning” it’s in SB on 1 West Canon Perdido, when you enter you have to go down the steps…. you’ll love it! 🙂 keep up the fitness…. I always say, “Cheers to good health, movement, strength, and a new day, everyday!” ~Julissa

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