Happy Birthday Casey!!! Thanks To Your Life…My Bum Is Thoroughly Sore!

The Birthday Boy!!

Meet Casey: the driven, enthusiastic, barefoot walking, paleo eating, co-owner of Innate Body Bootcamp  BIRTHDAY BOY!!! Yesterday Casey turned 25, so what this typically means is 25 burpees today for Casey! Well, Casey’s not exactly like other people I know…and Nick hit it right on the head when he designed the perfect workout for us all to do together at the gym for his birthday…burpees were of course included 🙂

When we handed the sheet of paper over to Casey, with a list of 33 different exercises on it, and told Casey to remove 8 of them he didn’t want…and then explained to him that we would be doing 25 reps of the 25 chosen workouts…Casey couldn’t have been happier! He may have even said a time or two that this is the coolest birthday present he’s ever had…ooooh Casey 🙂 🙂
So after very thoughtfully removing one exercise after the other, making sure to keep the toughest ones instead of eliminating exercises that he knew would…excuse my language…suck, this is what we had left:
25 reps of the following:
deadlifts with 1/2 body weight
knees to elbows
box jumps
double unders
bear crawls (10 years equals one rep)
broad jumps
windshield wipers
handstand pushups (modified)
single unders
high skips
bench press with 1/3 body weight
reverse hypers with 25 pounds
supers mans
hollow rocks
1 single 25 sec. handstand hold
jack knifes (v-ups I think are the same)
1 single 25 yd. sled pull with 2/3 body weight
1 single 25 yd. sled push with 2/3 body weight


If that seems insane to you…it’s because it is!! We set a 45 minute time limit, and didn’t quite finish  (well, I think Casey did)! Nick wanted to finish, so I finished up a few of the exercises I had left…broad jumps and bear crawls (leaving only 2 things left over: windshield wipers and handstand pushups)with him. I was pretty much dreading the bear crawls the whole time, that is 250 yds of bear crawling…freaking ridiculous! Well, the issue that popped up was one that I never even considered!!!! I burnt my palms, and blistered them! It was 80 degrees yesterday, and walking around on hands and feets for 250 yds on smoking hot pavement will JACK YOUR PALMS! On a happy, excited note however, I did my 25 pullups sans any assistance!

I loved everything about that workout. I loved the fact that I reached that exhaustion point where you feel so tired that you’re literally a walking zombie in between reps, and then you muster up every bit of strength you have in your body to do one more rep with the best form possible…and then go right back to being a zombie. Repeat. I love that feeling…I love knowing that I have worked my body to the absolute maximum! I was talking to my friend Alexis this morning on the phone, and she had me ROLLING…but one of the things she said was that doing a workout like that is kind of like what it would have been back in the day (paleolithic day that is). If you were being chased by a bear, you would be taxing your body to the max, for however long it took to get away! You wouldn’t get to a point where you were so freakin’ tired, then stop and say, “Hey Yogi…my body has reached its max now…I think it’s time we take a break…what do you say?” Heck NO!! You would keep moving those legs until you KNEW you were safe! For Casey’s birthday workout, we had a list of tasks to accomplish, and we didn’t stop until we either A) finished, or B) put in our 45 minutes of work!

So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY (yesterday) Casey!! My bum will be remembering your birthday for the next few days at LEAST 😀

On the subject of birthdays…tomorrow is MINE! 😀 Woo HOO!! I’ll be 28! So, Casey had mentioned something about doing 28,000 pounds of work…he may have said 2800, but I heard 28,000 🙂 For right now, however, I’m not sure what it is we’re doing, but know that I will definitely fill you in afterward 🙂

Have a beautiful day!!!




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