1 Day Down!

Well, I kept my promise! I said I would talk to you today ,and here I am!

As soon as we closed up shop last night here at the office, we made the long trek across the courtyard to the Innate Fitness gym.

Innate Fitness

Pretty sweet, isn’t it? 🙂


Tabata (on steroids- 40 seconds on, 20 seconds off)

Kettlebell thrusters (holding the kettlebell goblet style)

double unders

pullups or body-weight rows

First off, I was barefoot. I typically don’t wear shoes when I work out over there, which I LOVE! Second…I PR’d on something VERY near to my heart

…double unders!!

Somehow I feel like I found my rhythm last night! I got 16 consecutive double unders in a row!!! In the 40 seconds, I had my highest amount of double unders at 28 🙂

Finished up the workout with a regular length tabata of alternating hollow rocks and pushups. Smoookkkkeeddd my abs!

Something else I realized?

Nick and I make a lottttt of noise when we work out. I didn’t recognize this at all when we were at the Crossfit in Beverly, because everyone was grunting. The place sounded like a birthing room for peets sake!

When you get into a group that is not used to shirtless sweaty guys in their class, and grunting and loud, painful moans coming from a chick…AWWWKKKKWWWAARRRDDDDDD

Unfortunately, working out like this…

…Don’t get results like this…

And while I realize that not every woman wants to have a 6 pack with huge quads and a big booty…

…I do…

So for that to happen…I’m going to probably have to deal with feeling a little awkward at times, because I know that when I’m NOT grunting and making loud noises, that I’m just not pushing myself hard enough (and I’m saying that’s ME…if you don’t grunt in the gym, doesn’t mean I think you don’t work hard enough…I WISH I could work as hard as I need to in complete silence, hahha!).

Till next time…

Get it GET IT! 🙂

Till tomorrow xoxo 🙂



4 thoughts on “1 Day Down!

  1. judi2011 says:

    LOVED this post!! When I’m at CF and giving it my all I sound like what I imagine a choking boar sounds like…it’s as if I believe that these loud noises I’m making will allow me just one more rep…and it usually does!

    Proud of you chica!!!


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