Last year I was lucky enough to cheer on some of my friends in the Crossfit Regionals in Albany, NY. You can read about it right here 🙂 I remember leaving that competition fired up and more than ready to get really serious about my Crossfit workouts. For a while I did…

…then we moved across the country, started working odd hours, and frankly just not taking our health for as much of a priority as we wished we could.

This weekend we had the MAJOR fortune of being able to go watch those SAME friends compete in the Olympics of Crossfit…the Crossfit Games 2011 in Carson, CA.

First of all, let me address the spectators. Healthiest crowd of spectators you will ever see in your life. The spectators are all walking around with 6-packs and huge quad muscles…I just LOVVVVED it.

As for the athletes. Crossfit definitely creates a different kind of person, for sure; but the athletes that make it to the games are a whole other breed of human. There is not a single man OR woman without a ridiculously defined 6-pack. The leg muscles on these people…and the BUTTS! I seriously was in complete awe of everyone there.

I saw men and women walk on their hands for half of a football field, work harder than they ever have in their entire life, push sleds with three times as much weight as their own body across a tennis court, pass out and get up and finish the workout…and I could go on. Different.Breed.Of.Human.

I created the above collage because there are many times when I get myself fired up like this, and then drop off. I love Crossfit, and I don’t see my love for Crossfit going anywhere…but life DOES step in at times, and its important to have the vital behaviors in place to make sure than you make yourself and your goals a priority. So, I am going to make a huge poster with all these inspiring, beautiful, strong (beautifully strong :)) women, to remind myself of what I’m going for.

No, I don’t plan on competing individually at the Games at any point soon…but I DID make it a 5-year goal to compete on a team at the Games…so I have a lot of work to do…best to get started now.

One of my favorite things about Crossfit is that it completely redefines beauty for women. These women are not skinny…they are fit FOR SURE…but not skinny. They have back muscles, and muscular butts, and big thighs…they’re not afraid to sweat, groan or scream to get the weight up, they’re not afraid of making ugly faces, or ripping their hands open to get a good Fran time. They are so beautiful, and so inspirational for all women. There were women who are 40 years old that were kicking ass. Beauty, redefined. Look at that collage again closely…for those of you out there that think muscles on a woman wouldn’t be sexy…just look again and tell me whether that is actually true.

For those of you interested in reading about who was crowned the Fittest Man and Woman on the EARTH….you can read about it HERE

Just want to know more about what Crossfit can do for you? Read…HERE!

So inspired, and so ready to rock.

Today workout:

20 min AMRAP of Cindy (5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 squats)

I’ll let you know my count tomorrow. PS: today will be the first time I’ll ever do Cindy RX’d 🙂

Today…get inspired 🙂




3 thoughts on “CROSSFIT GAMES 2011

    • beautifullystrong says:

      viva, xfit is incredible! A great way to start doing it now, without the high cost is to go to the crossfit website ( and do the daily workout they have posted on the site! They have a wonderful resource of tutorials on how to do every move too! It’s accessible to everyone 🙂

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