Crossfit Etiquette?

So remember how I talked about how Crossfitters get to a point in their lives when hearing the name Cindy, Grace, Annie, Fran…etc, can cause an actual visceral response?

Well…illustration for you…

Last night, Nick and I went out to dinner in Santa Barbara with our good friends Kathryn and Evan from our Crossfit back east. You probably remember me talking about Kathryn…she counted/coached me through Fight Gone Bad, and pretty much every other time I walked through the doors of that gym. Well, last night, we walk through the doors of The Palace where we were greeted by a very pleasant young woman. Quietly Nick whispers to me to look at her name tag. “Fran”. Just as I am recognizing this, very loudly (because there was absolutely no harm done on Kathryn’s part here, at least as far as we were all concerned at the moment…) Kathryn says, “Her name is Frannnnnnnnn” with a fearful, squeamish face.

As you can probably guess, the hostess was less than impressed.

Quickly realizing what we just did, we all felt terrible. To let you know a little about “Fran” though, to make this fair…Fran is probably the most feared Crossfit workout out there.


21, 15, 9

Thrusters (65# women, 95# men)


Doesn’t look too bad. Looks like it would be short…it IS relatively short…

but MAN…she is mean. Noooobody likes her. So naturally, you see the name Fran, which by the way, you do not see all that often outside of Crossfit…and it causes a reaction!

Well, this may be the case, but we probably shouldn’t have said out LOUD how much we HATE Fran, as if she’s be right there with us…

So of course, being me, I felt the need to explain…

“I’m sorry, we didn’t mean anything mean, it’s just that we do this workout that is super scary, and the workout’s name is Fran…”

With a weird look, she walked away…

…right, because that sounded SO much better…a workout whose name is Fran?? Good Lord Jen…

So, lesson is… not EVERYONE speaks Crossfit…and when you slip up…it’s best to NOT explain…

“If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging”

~Will Rogers


I had a GREAT workout last night at Innate Fitness. I even got to have my hand in the creation of the workout!

Tiny E (essentially, mini Eva)

5 rounds:

400m run

30 kettlebell swings

10 pull-ups

Wow…after doing 50 pull-ups from the day before, the pull-ups were NOT happening. I was struggling BADLY…ANNNDDDD, I ripped my hands almost immediately. So, I had to take a step back from being able to do RX’d pull-ups, to kipping on a thin band. Stab to the HEART! We had a 20 minute max on the workout…soooo, I didn’t get to finish.

I talked yesterday about having my own path, and learning how to not compare myself, and all that goodness yesterday in my post. Well, it only took me about an hour before I was right back to comparing myself. Definitely felt frustrated in the workout last night, and was wondering when this was going to be easIER for me, and how long it was going to take before I was one of the inspiring athletes in the class, and not always the inspirED…

…and although I DID slip and compare, I bounced back quickly and remembered my own advice. Also, I remembered that while I felt that I was not inspiring, and only the inspired, I quickly realized that that was only MY perspective, and not necessarily anyone elses…

Basically, I’m still learning every single day :-p

Have a beautiful day everyone!! I’ll chat with you tomorrow 🙂




8 thoughts on “Crossfit Etiquette?

  1. Judi says:

    I find you inspirational!! Remember no matter what you’re level there is always someone ahead of you to be inspired by and always people behind you who are being inspired by you 🙂 Keep up the great work chica YOU ROCK!! Oh and don’t forget I’ll see you in two days 🙂


  2. Judi says:

    I find you inspirational!! Remember no matter what your current level there is always someone ahead of you to be inspired by and always people behind you who are being inspired by you 🙂 Keep up the great work chica YOU ROCK!! Oh and don’t forget I’ll see you in two days 🙂


  3. frankfoe says:

    Love reading your blog Jen! Always inspiring! Our happiness truly is largely determined by our perspective and attitude of ourselves, toward the situation, and toward others. I think it is easy to forget this and is so nice to be reminded.

    • beautifullystrong says:

      Thank you Frank 🙂 I think throughout this entire health transformation over the last couple years, the biggest lesson (and most of the time, the most challenging for me) is perspective, perspective, perspective. I wish that there was some way that you could have side by side before and afters of your perspective like you can side by side photos of your physical body. Alas, can’t really be done. BUT, you can keep a journal and go back and read yourself growing 🙂 Thank you for the encouragement 🙂

  4. lorio says:

    Love this story! I’ve been CrossFitting for a few months now and the “inside jokes/knowledge” I encounter daily! But it’s fun and helps build that community. When we’re out with our buddies from the box, I’m sure people around us are rolling their eyes with annoyance or wondering what the heck we are talking about!

    • beautifullystrong says:

      haha! Yes…the inside jokes/terminology is pretty out of control sometimes. Have you ever seen the utube video cartoons about crossfit versus zumba? Hilarious! Check it out if you can 🙂 Thank you for the comment!

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