RIP Annie

Wait…who is “Annie”?

“Annie” was the first workout in Crossfit that I was able to do RX’d…so there is a deep soft spot for her in my heart.





The last time I did this workout my time was JUST over 13 minutes. Double-unders were a little bit of a struggle for me. Now, if you remember, recently I shared with you that I got 30 double-unders in a row for the first time…so naturally you can imagine that I was über curious to see how much I could take off my “Annie” time. So, last night, we put my new unders to the test!

Remember, my last time was just over 13 mins.

As soon as the clock began counting, I busted out 30 double-unders right off the bat…”oh this is going to cut down some time..”

Final sit-up…8:55

That’s over 4 minutes shaved off my time!!!!! Slaaaaaayyyed it!

Oh heeyyyyy double-unders!


Now, on a personal note, I need some advice. As most of you know, Nick and I got engaged back in October. I haven’t done much of anything in the way of wedding planning since we’ve been pretty freakin’ busy getting the office up and running…but it’s getting to the point now (7 months away) where it’s getting a little silly to keep saying, ‘I don’t have a caterer’…


Not always super “paleo-friendly”…

Now, I know this is a silly, exaggerated example of a catering photo…but it seems that there is pasta, or bread, or gluten around every corner of a catering menu…

So, for those of you who have either a)planned a wedding and kept a paleo-friendly menu, or b) just one of those super knowledgable people who would know what to do in this situation…how should I go about doing this? What are some of the best foods to have? What about dessert?? PS, all of this on a budget!

We’re setting up some appointments for this next week to get this ball rolling, and I would like to have some ideas in mind before meeting with anyone.

So, with that, I hope you have a beautiful day everyone! Till next time! 🙂




3 thoughts on “RIP Annie

  1. Kendra Hewitt says:

    Stations!!!!! Not seated is number one, come up with what you want them to look like and then tell the caterer this is how it is you. Then if they dont take you seriously tell them YOU have a gluten allergy as does everyone in your family and peer group so if they get any in there you will bench press them and then heave them like a giant softball.

  2. jen says:

    from my friend Jenny who had a paleo reception
    Hey Jen! sorry for the delay- tried to incorporate paleo as much as possible- but i was going for more of a “party” vibe versus the whole formal thing. For apps it was pretty easy… we had: scallops wrapped in bacon, dates filled with bleu cheese wrapped in bacon, tuna tar tar, spring rolls and there is another i just cant remember. For the meal we did BBQ bacon cheeseburgers with all of the fun fixings, because let’s be serious those are f’in delicious. We also offered a portobello burger too for all those veg heads 😉 For the seafood offering we did Honey Lavender Salmon that was served on top of a mixed organic mixed green salad with the option of grilled chicken too. And for incredible cheats we did mini coffee and vanilla milkshakes (which is just a thing between my husband and I, but everyone seemed stoked about it) and dessert was three different flavors of homemade strudel (cherry, cheese, and apple). My only advice is that this is one hell of an expensive party so definitely incorporate paleo but only if it is fun and delicious- it’s a party you are only going to throw once (hopefully, haha) so just do what you enjoy and live it up!

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