Nick and I have fun with a video camera

I often get asked, whether it be by our patients, or fellow boot-campers, for tips on how to do a kipping pull-up…

…I’m actually going to take a second to smile like an idiot about that statement…since it took me over a freakin’ year to get that kipping pull-up, so I am sure you can imagine how bad ASS it is that any one person is asking me how to do it.. 🙂 But, I digress…

So, the way that I learn best is through visuals…so, here you are my fellow visual learners 🙂 Feast your eyes on my best yet kipping pull-up…in slooowwww moooooootioonnnn.

Short and sweet eh?

If you want more instruction…here is a great video with Jason Khalipa

Since I’m in the video sharing mood, check out this funny video of Nick doing a front squat today. We were having fun with the video camera :-p

Oh, and by the way…

I cleaned and jerked 95# today…

…for the first time in my life…

nbd :-p



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