2 brains are better than 1

This week at Innate Fitness, the theme of the week is “Be prepared for success…”. While we are all rolling out and cooling down after the workout, around the circle we went, sharing how we are going to prepare for success this week…

As my mind squandered for an answer, I just kept thinking about “balance” (I honestly feel like that is all I have thought about for the last few months; how to run a business and still feel balanced). So, before I knew it, it was my turn to speak and I heard myself saying, “Prioritizing my time so that I can have more time for myself”.

I have found that since we have opened the business, I have been doing nothing but thinking, doing and being in the business…and I am feeling it…nearly to the point of going ballistic.

About two months ago, Nick and I hired a professional organizer to help us create and set-up systems for our office; creating systems allows each of our patients to have equal experiences when they are with us. I was finding that while I was creating lists to remember everything I needed to do, I was creating quite the little mountain of post-its on my desk, which all to easily would just disappear into thin air.

{Enters “Second Brain” suggestion…}

Sarah, our professional organizer, mentioned that I needed a “Second Brain”…a permanent residence for all of my to-do’s. Brilliant.

First action step with the Second Brain was to go out and buy a notebook that I wanted to see ALL the time, because while we cannot SEE our “first” brain, we carry it with us at all times. This brain is no different; we will carry it with us at all times…and you WILL see it…so find something you like to look at.

I suggest something less...literal...

Second action step: USE it. Keep it right next to you AT ALL TIMES so that whenever something comes up that you need to remember, you automatically write it in your Second Brain so that you free up you first brain for more important things, like creativity or larger concepts other than remembering to call so and so. Do you honestly want to have that lingering in your head all day long?

Okay, so what is the difference between this and a to-do list that is scribbled on a piece of scrap paper?

It’s permanent; which means, if you don’t finish everything on your to-do list today, tomorrow you can transfer the un-done’s over to today.

It’s organized; you will not find yourself slowly losing the ability to see your computer screen due to the growing number of post-its creeping around your desk. Plus, it just looks nicer 🙂

It creates balance. Writing everything from what you need to get done for work, to calling your mother, to drinking three water bottles worth of water, to exercising can all be added to your second brain. Having all of these things on your list for the day will give you a much better chance of touching on each area of your life than if you only put work related things on your list… 

It’s brilliant, really; while it has not made me a GSDer (Get. Shit. Done-er) quite yet…I am steadily starting to tip that side of the scale.

Set yourself up for success…

Having a second brain gives you the opportunity to empty your mind of “mindless to-do’s” (which is not actually true is it? These mindless to-do’s somehow find a way of taking up far too much of our mind share) and clear our minds for more creativity and the ability to be present with those we love.

Plus,  we all get some weird satisfaction from crossing things off a list…don’t we? 🙂

Bridget's feeling good....(but why no deoderant Bridget?)





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