Hug in a mug

Sometimes you’re just in desperate need of a hug…

 You’re stressed, you almost get run over by a moped…whatever your reason, really…
….sometimes you JUST need a hug.
Sometimes when you need that hug there no one is around to give one to you (or someone is, but you’re afraid of creeping them out when you hug them a little too long, a little too tight and start weeping…and you just met them…).
In these desperate times, I suggest getting up out of your chair, getting into your car and driving to the nearest coffee shop and ordering the warmest, coziest cup of love they have. In my case this had to be something other than coffee (hiss…grrrr); Whole Foods became my ray of sunshine.
Today, at Whole Foods, I ordered a Teeccino latte with coconut milk..MMMMM!!!!! 🙂 Have you heard of Teeccino? Read about it right here 🙂 Now it DOES have barley (which IS a grain) in it…however, I asked someone who works for Teeccino about the barley and its gluten-like properties…and supposedly there were tests done that when steeped in a bag (rather than an auto-drip like coffee is made) the gluten proteins are not actually able to get through, and the levels of gluten were non-detectable.
Health benefits of Teeccino versus coffee?Read all about it 🙂 It makes a lot of sense to me!!!
Have I found something good enough to keep me from coffee? Could it BE?! Have any of you had Teeccino? What do you think?!
Till next time…much love,




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