A Season of Gratitude


Rain: a curse or a gift...you get to choose


Starting in June of this year, I took on the challenge to find 1,000 gifts in my life (inspired by the book One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp). I can officially say that I have found and sought after 1,000 gifts that have come into my day, everyday. There have been days where I have filled a page, and others that I have left completely blank; however, I have reached that golden number none the less.

So, now that I have reached 1000, will I stop?

No, I couldn’t. The days where I took the time to look for those gifts were the days that I felt most balanced, most clear-eyed. The days where I skipped it, or got too busy (which have been a many in the last few months) were days that were much more susceptible to darkness, frustration and a general sense of “ughhhh”.

Trust me, if you want to find something to complain about, the world offers up a PLETHORA for you to choose from. The beautiful thing about life is that it ALSO offers EQUALLY as much beauty (at the very same moment)…you just need to look a little harder for it sometime; but doesn’t that make it all the more worth it?? 

Tomorrow is the national day for gratitude and thanks. What do you do after you sit around the table? Do you start spewing negativity and frustrations? Heck no!!! You sit down, on your best behavior (or not, hehe)…and you say THANKS! If you don’t, there is a better chance than most other days of the year that you’re at LEAST thinking it! 🙂

Why can’t we do that everyday? I’m not saying that I have this on lock down, God knows I do not… What I am saying is that I’m working on it, and continuing to fill blank pages with little gifts I’m given throughout the day.

What is a gift?

Watching a little girl spin in the park until she falls, the warm sun on my skin, bright blue skies, a monarch butterfly on a flower, watching ducks play in a pond, a good morning kiss, a hot cup of coffee, a kind comment from a friend, your favorite song coming on the radio, a warm smile in passing from a stranger, your favorite meal already made for you when you get home, a burning candle, finishing your to-do list, morning rain, a messy kiss from your dog…

Do you get where I’m going with this? EVERRRRRYYYYTHING on the planet can be a GIFT! Also, the more of these gifts that you take note of in your day, the more they will outweigh anything that is less than wonderful in your day…

Let’s make EVERYDAY Thanksgiving…

Happy Thanksgiving everyone…I am so grateful for YOU 🙂


In love and gratitude,



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