Set Your Sail!!

“Without goals, and plans to reach them, you are like a ship that has set sail with no destination”

~Fitzhugh Dodson

A New Year, a new you? How many of us begin the new year, sitting and reflecting on the last and planning how to make the next even better? Between brunch, sunset walks, chats with loved ones and episodes of “Dexter”, that is exactly how Nick and I spent the first day of 2012.

Unlike the usual “I vow to lose 10 pounds” goals that I have had in the past, I took a more broad approach to planning out the new year. In the book “The Laws of Success” by Napolean Hill, he states that a person without a definite purpose, is like a ship without a rudder. Setting sail with no ability to focus your direction could take you far, far away from where you ever intended to go.

Focus. Think of the sun casting its light on a piece of wood. If left to sit in the sun, would that piece of wood ever catch on fire? No…of course not. Now, take a magnifying glass and focus the light of the sun on that same piece of wood…it would not be long before the wood would catch flame. What was the difference? Focus.

I have ALWAYS been an incredibly passionate person. I have a broad array of interests and (almost to a fault…well actually, forget almost…TO A FAULT…) my mind never stops. My mind is a spinning whirlwind of constant thought…not always productive, positive self-talk either to be perfectly honest. There is SO much energy, passion and thought that is constantly being generated in me…I’m a bright burning sun shedding blankets of light on everything I touch. Where, however, is my focus? Imagine what we could be, our absolute potential, if we harnessed our passions and energy. Could this world even HANDLE me? 🙂

Without focus, the opposite of our intentions take place…we become confused, lost and lose confidence. It is with focus and diligence of habits that we grow in confidence and self-worth.

I kicked off the New Year writing the first draft of my “definite purpose”, or essentially, building and placing my rudder in the water. What do I want out of this life, and who do I need to become in order to make that happen?

Your major definite purpose represents the main or central mission of your life at this moment. It is what you would call your life’s work. It attempts to answer the questions “why am I here?” and “what am I going to do with the rest of my life?”

So the food for thought today is this: What do you want to contribute to the world in this next year? In what way do you want to harness your light?

In light and love,



8 thoughts on “Set Your Sail!!

  1. Caro says:

    Love it… That’s the kind of purpose I seriously need to set up. You’re inspiring as usual 😉 Love you and miss you
    Happy new year pretty girl

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