Before the Dawn

Whoa. While habit is the foundation upon which self-confidence is built (and I want to make a habit of blogging first thing in the morning), I’m not sure my brain is able to function all that well at 5am on a quite sleepy head and a quite hungry stomach…but…here goes!

Last night Nick and I were sitting at the table after dinner revising our definite purposes. I have finalized mine, and sharing it with the masses (or how many of you are reading this :-p) helps to hold one accountable:

My definite purpose is to EXCITE and INTRODUCE as many people as possible to the Crossfit experience, while being a leading authority in the Crossfit Kids community.

After many revisions and MANY scribbles, this was my final product and I was FIRED UP! It felt like me…


Recently, Nick and I started looking to the Crossfit website for the WOD. I feel like even if we all thought we were picking hard enough workouts on our own, we were naturally being a little easy on ourselves (except maybe Casey :-p). The first night we decided to do this, we picked “Ricky” (20 min AMRAP of 10 pullups, 5 dumbbell deadlifts with 75# (or not…) and 8 push presses with 135# (again…or not…)). That night we did 100 double unders and a 800m run for a warm up, followed by some deadlifts for strength, capped off with good ole Ricky. He did me in…

So, since this seemed to be a good thing for us, we have been continuing this method at least until we get programming down. Yesterday, the site read…


Oh Fran, what is it about you?? Why you gotta freak so many people OUT?



Thrusters (rx 95/65) I modified 55#

Pullups (modified with thinnest band to avoid hyperextension, haha)

my time: 5:38

The best thing about this is that we will PROBABLY have to visit her again at the certification…Fran, you may have had the upper hand this time, but  next time I will be ready for you…a well-oiled machine (not a post-holidays/new years mess)…watch your back, Fran…watch…you…back.


With love, 


2 thoughts on “Before the Dawn

    • beautifullystrong says:

      It really WASN’T that long ago…when I get down on myself that I’m not where I think I SHOULD be (there I go again, shoulding on myself…), I try to remember that in the (nearly) 29 years of my life, 2 years of being an exerciser is really NOT that long…

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