Big Freakin’ Day!

After a lovely chat with my friend Alex last night, I had an epiphany about my Crossfit training habits…

…for the last two years, I have been nothing but one big-ass-pansy.

 Seems a little harsh considering I went from never exercising in the slightest, to doing “Fran” workouts on the regular…but seriously, I have been doing myself a SERIOUS disservice (at least for the last year…and a half…).

 When I started Crossfit I was growing and improving by bounds and leaps at a time; there is always the most gain when you go from “none to some”. There came a point, however, when I stopped allowing myself to grow, and let my head get in the way. This would be the reason why I have had the goal of deadlifting 200# for about a year and a half, and I’m STILL at about 165…if I can even do that anymore. Trust me, this is not just me being hard on myself, this is for a positive purpose, I swear.

 So, today in the gym we were doing a 3×3 deadlift for our strength portion. While I normally stick to a WAY safe number, I decided to push myself to failure for a change. I started off with 135# for the 3×3 (after warming up of course), I did that for two rounds, and on the third I WANTED to go up to 145# but the appropriate plates to do so were being used, so I needed to stay where I was or go up to 155# (keep in my mind my MAX was 165#, this was only 10 pounds under my max, or one time rep). I decided to attempt the 155#. I stepped up to the bar, my heart pounded (I had not felt that in a long while, and that alone made me happy…), placed my hands on the steel, got into ready position, filled my lungs, locked my lats, squeezed my butt…

 …and nothing.

 Okay, okay Jen, walk it off, walk it off…try it again…and second time is a charm.

However, the 3rd and 4th attempt were NOT charmed by any means. Believe it or not, while I did do a little frustration dance (which included high kicking the wall, maybe just a little…), I was grateful for working hard enough that I FAILED at something. I know, in logical terms, that continuing to play it safe in the gym is not going to get me where I want to be. Please know that when I say this, I am only referring to what I can do with SAFE, EXCELLENT form…always :-p

Today was a win on SOOOO many levels! While I did not deadlift 155# three times today, I PR’d on TWO separate accounts!!!

I got my first…second…third…AND FOURTH strict pullup today!! Not a chin up, a PULL UP!!! (Which I was so excited to have a witness for 3 of those!!) There needed to be significant break time in between each attempt, but none the less, I went from being able to do ZERO strict pull-ups in a day, to 4 :)!!

The second PR was in one of my most favorite categories, the double under. We did max double unders in 2 minutes. The last time I ACTUALLY recorded this was in Beverly, and it was 42. While I know that I have done it since and got somewhere around 60, I don’t have an exact recording…but I dooooo today!!!!!

95 big ones folks!!! 95 double unders in two minutes :-p

All in all, I would say that today was a PRETTY good day…how about you?!


In love and gratitude,


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