Crossfit vs Zumba

I was reading an article yesterday on how to make my training EVEN better, and the second bullet on the list was “Add some active recovery training”. This can be yoga, stretching, etc. I was originally thinking of going to a yoga class tonight, but then my distraction-prone self stepped in and somehow I found myself lost in cyber space on a Zumba site. Suddenly, I found myself remember how I had “ALLLLLWWAAAAAYYYYSSSS wanted to try Zumba!!!” so I MUST try Zumba! Luckily enough, there is a 5:30pm class tonight about a hot second away from the practice…

So, in light of tonight’s new adventure, I have a FUN little video for you (you may have already seen this, but it’s a fun little refresher :))


Don’t worry guys, I will never abandon Team Crossfit…I’m a lifer :-p




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